Cancellation of Re-examination of class 10 and 12 Maths and Economics paper

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All of us who worked hard for our respected papers must be shocked to know what CBSE has decided to do, rescheduling the exams is not the answer to this problem. Just because of a few select students and organisations, and the mismanagement of CBSE itself, lakhs and lakhs of student will have to suffer. Also, there is no guarantee that the paper which they would make wouldn't be leaked again, and that is would be as easy as this one. It's clearly the fault of CBSE, because of its mismanagement and miscommunication, all of us who studied with dedication for our exams will have to again appear for a paper, just so that CBSE can maintain its image. Its their fault, and we should not be the ones to pay for it. Catch hold of the groups and organizations who did this, and then take the necessary actions against them, but Re-examination is certainly not the option or a way to maintain one's image. If you agree with me, help me fight for our justice and sign this petition so that this may help some people understand our feelings, and through what we all are going.