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Started by Sangpu Changsan

No, it's not only about COVID-19 now.
It's about mentally exhausted children, who've been sitting at home since 2 whole years, being mocked in CBSE's Test Matches we call "board exams". It's about teachers who after adapting to technology and teaching online are hearing their students say, "Sorry sir/ma'am, I think we'll fail."

REASON? Poorly planned marking schemes, trying to find objectivity in the subjectivity of a student's, teacher's, parent's, school's, society's thoughts, judgement and opinions. Out of the world, Question Papers with debatable questions, adding to the stress and anxiety faced by students.

RESULT? Suicides. Covid cases among students. Stress and Anxiety. Angry Tweeting. Frustration.
Any positive results? NONE !!
Admit it CBSE, we may or may not pass, but you've DEFINITELY and MISERABLY FAILED in your own test!

So, it's a request from students to cancel the rest of CBSE's Term-2 Examination.

CBSE Board is conducting offline exams despite students not being vaccinated. I am one among lakhs of students whose safety and future is dependent on the Government's decision.

Please sign and share my petition for the safety of lakhs of students.

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6,682 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!