CBS Big Brother - Evict Memphis Garrett for ASSAULT NOW!

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!!! plz sign & share w/ anyone you know connected to CBS, Big Brother, or Viacom who has a platform! we need to #protectdavid NOW!

There is an URGENT situation of RACIAL HARM and ASSAULT currently developing in the Big Brother House RIGHT NOW. A player (Memphis Garrett of Garrett Hospitality Group in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) is targeting another player (David Alexander) with VERBAL and PHYSICAL assault.

IS IT OKAY TO ALLOW ASSAULT TO CONTINUE FOR THE SAKE OF TELEVISION??? I refuse to be sitting here when this continues to blow up and David is harmed even further. UNDOUBTEDLY, @CBSBIGBROTHER production, and specifically ALLISON GRODNER (@agrodner22 on twitter), the Executive Producer, and Rich Meehan MUST be held accountable and take SWIFT ACTION to remove Memphis from the house now.

*** latest update ***

Memphis potentially using a racial slur to refer to David by name:

Another angle of the above incident:

situation 1)
Cody & Enzo discuss the situation IN DETAIL:

More VIDEO discussion of the incident:

["Enzo: he hit him HARD, yelled in his ear, and hit him HARD"]

Description and acting out the assault:

Memphis discusses receiving "permission" from production to threaten other players (WTF?!):

["Memphis: I'm gonna get it out of him. Cody: No intimidation. Memphis: They said I could intimidate. Rich told me."]

*** UPDATE ***

Memphis walking threateningly / too physically close with David:

Memphis using a racial slur:

Another angle of the above segment:

If left unchecked, we could be witnessing real life harm from a privileged white asshole upon a black man who is ALONE in the house, after almost all the other people of color have been evicted / threatened. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! Please sign & share!

*** RELATED: Memphis also threatened another houseguest with Autism (Ian Terry) when he wasn’t in the room, and said he would enact physical harm. ***

Memphis discussing the possibility of physically assaulting Ian:

[Memphis: “I will kick his teeth in. I will say it’s an accident.”]

NONE of these instances are okay. There is no way this man should still be on television and receiving a paycheck from CBS while continuing to harm those around him ??? Keep pushing until we make real change and get him OUT!