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Stop turning financial hardship into entertainment. Cancel “The Briefcase.”

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CBS has launched a new reality show, using the guilt and desperation of people experiencing financial hardship to stir up drama for viewers! In The Briefcase, families in need are given $101,000 -- and then forced to decide whether to be “good” and give it to another struggling family, or be “selfish” and get a much-needed leg up. The decision is heart-wrenching for them, and the American public is supposed to judge their moral character based on whether they keep this money to help feed, clothe, and school their children.

Turning financial hardship into entertainment is disgusting. Putting people living paycheck to paycheck against each other is even worse. Tell CBS to take this cruel show off the air.

I know what it feels like to be poor. It’s frightening and demoralizing to work as hard as you can, and feel you’ll never escape a financial pit. I know what it’s like to strive to find a job, and not get one because you don’t have recent work experience. I know what it’s like to worry that your utilities will be shut off, and live in fear of getting sick or hurt because you can’t afford a doctor.

Meanwhile, the President of CBS, Les Moonves, made $54 million last year alone. I doubt he’s lost sleep over how he’ll send his children to college. Maybe that’s why he and his company seem so tone deaf to working families’ struggles. Watching these people struggle is not acceptable prime-time material.

CBS makes struggling people endure shame and stress in front of the whole country, all in the name of entertainment. Tell CBS that their show The Briefcase is disgusting and unacceptable.

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