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We want Richard Dean Anderson to return as MacGyver! NO REBOOT!

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On September 29th, 1985, a television series began that changed people’s way of thinking as to how to resolve problems, emergencies and even dangerous situations, all without violence. It encouraged the use of one’s own education and resourcefulness to make changes without killing. It  challenged the need for guns and brute force, and instead utilized physics, chemistry and science to accomplish goals.

That show was MacGyver.

For the past 30 years, the face of the series has burned brightly in the minds of those who watched it and loved it. MacGyver was played by Richard Dean Anderson, who brought a wonderful element of humanity to what one would almost consider a superhuman character. Like Indiana Jones, America fell in love with Anderson as MacGyver, and to this day, is still called “Mac!” by chance encounters on the street.

On October 2nd, a news release stated that CBS had chosen to bring MacGyver back to television, but as a REBOOT; meaning all characters would be recast with new, younger actors. CBS – you can do better than this!

This petition is to declare that we do NOT want a different MacGyver! We want Richard back. We ALL want the same MacGyver back that we’ve always had. Give him children, put him in an advisory role, give him people to take over his work – ANYTHING you like, but don’t let another actor play Angus MacGyver while Richard Dean Anderson is still alive and kicking! We need him back! CBS -- you owe it to us to try your best to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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