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Educate your Stars on Unethical Wildlife Interactions

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CBS - Please support efforts to stop the exploitation of captive wildlife, remove all material of CBS The Bold and The Beautiful stars visiting wildlife interaction facility Lion Park in Johannesburg.

Sad images have emerged of CBS stars Heather Tom, Karla Mosley and Jacob Young all interacting with captive bred lions and cheetahs, in what is deemed unethical and not supported by conservationists and South African Tourism.

Heather Tom Instagram Lion Petting

Karla Mosley Petting Cheetah

Jacob Young Instagram Lion Petting

The sad naivety of these images and actions, is that it directly goes against a previous expose by CBS themselves.


In 2014, CBS 60 Minutes broadcast a well researched expose on a facility called Lion Park, in which it came to light that captive bred lions had been sold and traded to known canned hunting operators.

Read about the story HERE

Since this story, Lion Park have opened a new facility. Prior to opening and due to public backlash, Lion Park issued a worldwide statement that they intended to cease lion cub petting. Sadly this appears to be false and upon opening, Lion Park began lion cub petting once again.

In 2015, an American tourist was killed at Lion Park

In 2015, a child was attacked by a cheetah at Lion Park

Lion Park has controversial history,

It must be asked, why are people believing that such interactions with captive wildlife are ethical and responsible, particularly when the evidence is overwhelming?


  • Lion cub petting and interactions are not promoted or supported by South Africa's official tourism 
  • Lion breeding and interactions are not supported by ANY wildlife organisation or charity
  • No lion at Lion Park is "orphaned", this is an industry term to describe the REMOVAL of the cub from mother to justify the exploitation through cub petting with tourists
  • 8,000 lions in captivity in South Africa alone
  • Less than 3,000 lions in the wild in South Africa
  • No captive bred lion in South Africa has ever been released into the wild
  • Lion cubs are often forcibly removed from their mothers 2 weeks often days following birth. Their mothers are then bred again and again, only for the same thing to happen
  • Cub petting and interacting with wildlife by tourists is unethical, irresponsible and condemned by all leading scientists, conservationists, organisations and advocates

Have these CBS stars been misled? Tricked into believing that these animals have been genuinely orphaned?

Did the tour provider or management/agent research such unethical practices before these people participated in a widely condemned tourist trap?

Blood Lions

Blood Lions is a documentary film exposing the cruel cub petting & predator breeding industry and canned hunting industry in South Africa. Learn more about the film HERE

CBS, we urge you to;

  • act responsibly, to ensure such irresponsible and proven dubious activities are not promoted through your show
  • help other tourists and innocent volunteers to avoid such unethical practices and abuses of animals in captivity
  • discuss with your stars about the importance of your previous 60 Minutes expose on the subject of cub petting and this activity's links to canned hunting, along with Lion Park's previous history
  • ensure that CBS and its stars are disassociated with any unethical and controversial activities

Thank you for listening.


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