Demand CBS pull BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA from network television!

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The new CBS network sitcom "Bob Hearts Abishola" presents a harmful and disparaging view of what is traditionally known as African-American characters and culture, and should be immediately pulled from production. As many published reviews have already noted,  including one by The Hollywood Reporter, much of the "comedic value" of title character Abishola, a Nigerian mother now living in the United States working as a nurse, rests on her denigrating commentary on African-American characters and culture that is highly offensive and racist. In the pilot episode, the exchange between Abishola and the African-American mother at school supports the ongoing narrative being proliferated in mainstream media today, that African immigrants are a more desirable class of "blacks" in America than American Descendants Of Slavery (ADOS). The relationship between African Immigrants and ADOS has not been explored from the perspective of an ADOS created and centered show on any network, and it is particularly harmful to ADOS and indeed America as a whole, to not have the benefit of exploring their perspective concurrently, if not before, a show like Bob Hearts Abishola is presented to a predominantly white American network audience. This overtly racist narrative is being amplified and supported by the entire entertainment industry, as Hollywood continues to produce and cast an ever growing number of black immigrants in roles meant to represent ADOS for Hollywood's economic and political benefit, while providing platforms for black immigrants to portray ADOS in a disparaging light, summarily locking ADOS actors, producers, writers out of new content creation opportunities.