CBS Survivor/Over 20 years of cruelty to chickens has to stop! Please help!

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Year after year terrified chickens are given to Survivor contestants. They have no idea how to care for them and are given as a prize which is basically the equivalent of using these sweet animals as things, things that don't matter. Chickens have the capacity to feel love and affection and they each have unique personalities, I know this personally. They are hunted, abused, killed inhumanely by just random people in the game. One year they threw a bunch of caged chickens from a large boat into the salt water and chickens aren't supposed to get wet! I have been driven to tears by this disregard of the lives of chickens. There are so many other things that could be given as prizes that aren't ALIVE. What is the insane reason that this is still going on. A petition went up in 2000 and it went nowhere. Does anyone care? Please SIGN and make this the petition that ENDS THIS CRUELTY ONCE AND FOR ALL!