Bring the PEANUTS specials back to network TV

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It has been announced that ABC would no longer air the PEANUTS holiday specials, and instead move to Apple TV+, which is also responsible for the series "Snoopy In Space", and the forthcoming "The Snoopy Show".  Many is fine with the new stuff being on Apple TV+ but want the classic specials to still air on network television.  This petition is to keep the classic specials on TV or, as a compromise, have them on streaming AND TV so everyone can see them.  If ABC won't return them to TV, maybe CBS can buy back the rights, as that was the original network they aired on in the first place.

My goal is to at least get about 100,000 signatures, but not stop there.  Many PEANUTS fans are in an uproar about this, and understandably so.  So if we can get to this goal, maybe, just maybe, we can get the special back on the airwaves.  If we yell loud enough, maybe Apple, Wildbrain, and Peanuts Worldwide will hear our cry.  Give us back our Charlie Brown specials!