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Bring Back LIMITLESS for season 2

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Limitless is a movie starring Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra. He's a writer who is down on his luck in all categories of life. He discovers the amazing drug that is NZT (a drug that allows you to use 100% of your brain power) and his life improves tremendously! After the initial "wanted dead" ordeal. Action packed and well written!
Flash forward four years and we meet Brian Finch. Again, another down on his luck man who is a failure in everyone's eyes. He, too, discovers NZT and realizes that THIS is what can make him truly successful! He soon discovers that there are certainly some life threatening side effects from the drug.
Brian is essentially "cured" of the side effects with a shot from- you guessed it- Eddie Morra!
Long Story short, Brian gets tied in with the FBI and is supplied with endless amounts of NZT in exchange for his help on cases. It's fun, it's hilarious, Brian stands for everything that is the average person just trying to get their life together.

Now, this series was canceled after the first season. Why? Maybe because it didn't involve zombies, superheroes, or sharks and tornadoes. It was way too early for Limitless to be cut. We need to get it back! And we need to do that NOW! LIMITLESS. LIMITLESS. LIMITLESS.

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