Big Brother Enforce Your Rules on Jackson Michie

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Jackson Michie was chosen as a Have Not in the Big Brother house and has repeatedly been seen on feeds breaking the rules of that punishment. 

On multiple occasions he has been seen sneaking food not allowed as per the Have Nots rules into the shower several times a day, ducking down and disappearing for periods of time while plastic crinkling was heard, and re-emerging moments later, chewing and swallowing. Then he has been seen, walking straight to the kitchen afterwards, and pulling items from his pocket and shoving them deep into the trash can to hide the evidence of his rule breaking. He has also been seen attempting to tuck food inconspicuously into the waist of his towel. 

Prior to these incidents he had already made multiple problematic comments towards/about the other Houseguest’s—which were at times racist and aggressive, or threatening. These things have been repeatedly ignored by production and now he is blatantly breaking the rules without punishment. In past seasons, houseguest who broke the Have Not rules were penalized appropriate and Jackson should not be receiving special treatment for any reason. 

CBS, honor the rules of the game, and respect the fans who have supported this show for years, and honor the integrity that the fans and other houseguest deserve, and give Jackson a penalty vote or nomination for the upcoming eviction ceremony.