CBR - More MTB Trails Needed

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Mt Stromlo, the Mountain Bike Mecca of Canberra & the general Canberra region are well and truly overdue for some new Mountain Bike trails. In the past 5 years, very few trails have been built due to lack of funding, which is not good enough for a place like Stromlo & the Canberra region. Since holding the MTB World Cup in 2008 & 2009, Mt Stromlo has slowly fallen off the radar as a world class MTB riding facility, mainly due to the lack of new trail building. The type of trails needed are ones more natural, raw and have an "Enduro" feel to them, the kind that each time you ride them you have to think and focus on every line and leaves you wanting to ride them again and again.

The type of trails that Mt Stromlo and the Canberra region needs more of, are like the current trails called "Short n Sharp" and the top section of "Up The Ante". For those who have ridden these particular trails, you will know that you can't slip into auto pilot and roll down, like you can on many of the current trails. They are natural and full of rocky goodness that have technical features galore. These particular types of trail require very little man power to build and even less to manage and keep maintained.

Mt Stromlo could also use more general trails such as Corss Country (XC) and Downhill trails too. The more trails the better as its the same old trails being used every race, every year. There is plenty of space to use!

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This petition is seeking support of the Canberra & other MTB communites to highlight to the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, other Members of the ACT Legislate Assembly & Stromlo Forest Park the need to have more advanced trails to continue to engage, motivate and challenge not only local Canberra riders, but also interstate riders and help with the progression of MTB riding.

If you want to see more trails in the Canberra Region then sign this petition and share it with anyone and everyone who loves to ride, the more the better and encourage them to get behind this! With enough support and signatures it will be provided to the parties mentioned above and hopefully we will see some new trails soon!