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Sushant Singh Rajput, a highly talented actor of Bollywood died under suspicious circumstances on June 14th 2020. It has been labeled as suicide, however circumstantial evidence states otherwise. Public plea to investigate Rajput’s death has fallen on deaf ears. 
We intend to file a PIL for
1. CBI investigation of death of Sushant Singh Rajput
2. We also need to bring justice to those who come to film industry with dreams and aspirations and they face excessive cruelty in form of nepotism, threats and boycott by film gangs and Mafia.

There were four other people who died in month preceding his death, who were young and close to Rajput whose deaths have been labeled as either suicide or accident. We believe that these people have been targeted by Bollywood Mafia.

we also believe that these activities are related to terrorism in some form or fashion. Substantial part of money generated through productions at Bollywood ultimately goes in feeding activities of Mafia and those activities include terrorism as well. We also believe that prevalent nepotism in Bollywood feeds into the Mafia and vice versa. These productions are watched by people all over the world by paying for services like Netflix, hotstar, DISH, Sling TV etc. 
It's our earnest request that this issue should be looked upon as threat to security and integrity of all nations fighting terrorism and appropriate action should be taken. There is an urgent need to regulate the film industry so that atrocities of nepotism and mafia can end and talented individuals can get their fair chance in the industry.