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Bring Patty Sullivan back to Kids' CBC

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Patty Sullivan is an icon and friend to thousands of kids and parents across Canada. She keeps our children company before they go to school or when they are home sick, entertaining and educating kids and parents alike! Now, Patty is gone without explanation leaving a giant hole in the CBC's kid programming -- and we want her back!

Gemini Award winning host of Kids’ CBC for over a decade, and a fixture in Canadian children’s programming since 1994 when she hosted TVOKids, the CBC let Patty go as part of a 'rebranding' – but why does this mean Patty must disappear?
(After Aug 31st, what we will be seeing is repeats of segments until the "new brand" is ready.)

In the CBC's own words, "the goal of the 'total rebranding' is to create videos that work on television as well as on digital and mobile platforms ... Kids watch television, use iPads, YouTube, mobile devices. We will be creating excellent, worthwhile, funny, entertaining content that will be at home broadcast first or shared and highly interactive.’” ( 

Okay. Trying to reach kids in new and different ways makes sense. But why does the CBC think they can erase Patty's on-air warmth with a cold-hearted 'rebranding'? Why this new content must be delivered without Patty -  the face and bubbly personality that children love - has never been explained or justified beyond the 'rebranding' buzzword. 

They haven’t even let her say goodbye to the kids, rather, as CBC executive Martin Markle explained “What we're doing is handling the remaining public appearances as opportunities for parents to bring their kids out and show their appreciation ... without zeroing on the fact that it's a farewell."  (

Patty's influence stretches over three generations. She deserves better and so do her fans. She attracts thousands of families to her personal appearances which have taken her across the country, to every province and territory. Kids who watched Patty in her early days are now grown up...and many are having their own kids who watch her now! 

CBC: do the right thing and bring Patty Sullivan back. She deserves more than a quiet exit. And her audience deserves to see her lead your 'rebranding' for years to come.  

Sincerely, the undersigned

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