Cavanacaw Road Armagh traffic calming

Cavanacaw Road Armagh traffic calming

7 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Current situation:

As residents of Cavanacaw Manor, many of whom with young children on Cavanacaw road, the area has developed and grown quite a bit and a once safe road adjacent to Cavanacaw manor has grown significantly in traffic volume and speeding traffic, speeding heavy goods lorries and increasingly dangerous speeding by passing drivers.

Traffic calming purpose:

The purpose of this petition is to formally record the views and hopefully support of local Cavanacaw/Woodford/Oakridge/Knoxs Hill residents for relevant traffic calming measures to be put in place on the Cavanacaw road.

People at risk families and children in the area:

There is a very real, reasonable, clear and ever growing concern for safety and well being of:

- local residents and young families walking on the pathways
- young children who be out walking too
- children on bikes
- individuals and families walking dogs etc
- Local residents pulling out of developments onto Cavanacaw road 

Dangerous driving:

Residents and local people are met daily by speeding drivers who are driving dangerously fast in a 30mph restricted road. In many cases we seen and have observed cars in excess of 60, 70 or possibly 80mph!

Local residents:

Having spoke to a number of neighbours in the Cavanacaw area and Woodford there is awareness and a growing concern for peoples safety and now a growing acceptance for the need for traffic calming measures on the Cavanacaw road.

We need your support:

Our plan in the local community is to share this digital petition with all local residents for your support, people who know the area and use the road afterwhich it will be shared formally with the road service, local council and local political party representatives for them to formally review, agree action with a related timeframe for implementation.

If you do business in the area and/or your customers are from this surrounding area then please can we ask for your support too.

*PLEASE REMEMBER to confirm your digital signature with the confirmation email afterwards otherwise it will not count

Let's not wait for the worst to happen:

We are very concerned for the safety of residents and especially young children in the area and now want to act promptly with an action plan and timeframe for enhanced traffic calming to be put in place before an accident happens on the Cavanacaw road.

We are aware of number of areas in Armagh city where it could be constructively argued do not need traffic calming as much as we do on the Cavanacaw road. 

Your Support: 

I hope you as a parent and/or local resident you can understood our immediate legitimate safety concerns and will support this petition with your signature and details to help us all achieve a safer area for everyone to enjoy and help us prevent and avoid any accidents or deaths through wreckless driving and careless behaviour.

Please also share the petition link to increase awareness and remember to click on the email confirmation to confirm your signature. 

Yours Sincerely,
Cavanacaw Residents 

NOTE: There is NO REQUIREMENT for financial support for this road safety campaign, whilst the online service ( we use has other unrelated campaign's that ask for voluntary financial support, PLEASE IGNORE and bypass those optional prompts on the website. 

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Signatures: 258Next Goal: 500
Support now