Petition Closed

It is with deep regret to inform you that North Shropshire Branch is to close ! This is a decision made by head quarters at Cats protection and they say "they are making CUT BACKS and our branch is now NOT needed . We as a branch have done nothing wrong and feel deeply angered and emotional by this decision.
Rachel , Micheal , Anne , Jenny , Maxine , Jane , mims and Ange have worked so very hard for this branch and we are not giving up yet !
So we are appealing for the decision to be changed.
We feel many cats and kittens (domestic and feral) will suffer if we close as there is NO other Cats protection branch's in Shropshire ! Shropshire is a huge county and Shrewsbury has no cats protection , Ludlow has no cats protection and now North Shropshire cats protection has been closed . Telford Cats protection surely will not cover all that area . This will add extra work in large amounts to other rescues .
We would like help to fight for our branch to stay open !
If you feel you can help please contact Peter Hepburn by email at or head of operations you can write to them or phone 03000121212 .
We are starting this petition to fight to keep our branch open . please share this out to everyone you know in plea for help .
We thank you all so very much for your support , lets hope it not yet goodbye . Thank you all . from all cats and volunteers at North Shropshire cats protection x

Letter to
Chief executive Cats Protection Peter Hepburn
Head of operations Cats Protection Mandy Hill
Stop Cats Protection North Shropshire Branch from closing !
This Branch is vital to Shropshire , the work of the volunteers is incredible . Many cats and kittens will suffer !
Shropshire is a huge county with No Cats Protection presence in the South or in Shrewsbury . Telford Branch are over loaded and independent rescues are struggling to cope . North Shropshire have made such a difference in the past 2 years , neutering over 1000 cats and will continue to do so if given the chance .
Local independent rescues do a vital job but do not have the resources to neuter on such a large scale and will not be able to fill the gap .
Please let North Shropshire Branch continue to help cats and kittens in need .

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