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Cats are Creatures, not Pests: Stop Australia's Killing Spree

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I am simply a cat lover living in the US who believes that, although protecting protective protective native and endangered species is significant killing feral cats is not the answer. This change won't come only with great environmental repercussions, but immense disruptions to the economy and lifestyle of millions of people.

By 2020, the Australian government plans on slaughtering 2 million feral cats in order to protect native species. These species are facing extinction in part by the cat's predatory habits. The plan announced by Greg Hunt, the Australian Environmental Minister, will save beloved, endangered species.

Not only is New Zealand the #1 cat-owning country in the world, Australia has a goal booming Animal Black Market that has threatened the endangered species for decades. Cats are not the sole contributor to this catastrophe.

With support, I hope that we can create solutions to the endangerment of natural species without culling defenseless feral cats. Some other solutions are:

-cultivating/protecting protective natural habitat

-decreasing poaching/black markets

-creating a larger shelter system 

All of these solutions help the environment as a whole, not just those endangered.

"Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr. 



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