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Ban Harp Seal Hunting in Canada

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Over the past five years, over 5,000,000 harp seals have been killed for their pelts. This has had a profound effect on their population which has been listed as threatened because of global climate change which has significantly lessened the size of their breeding habitat. Harp seal plays a crucial role in the diet of Orcas and Polar bears and their loss will affect these animals as well.  

Harp seals require sea ice to raise their pups which cannot swim for the first few weeks of their lives. During this time the pups are left completely vulnerable on the ice which is where they are then brutally shot and clubbed to death for their pelts. About 97% of the Harp seals killed are less than 3 months old. Stop the slaughter of Harp seals.

Harp Seal Hunting:

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