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Ban Glue Traps: Stop The Inhumanity & Cruelty

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We at Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are coming to individuals worldwide, and to those of political power & influence, to unite against the inhumane and cruel devices known as GLUE TRAPS.

Countless desperate individuals are unknowingly purchasing and setting up these traps and other devices in order to rid their homes, businesses, or other places of establishment of "little intruders", as some may call them, without knowledge or understanding the torturous and cruel process that goes along with the use of such mechanisms.

It is extremely imperative and necessary to be aware of these GLUE TRAPS, to research and educate yourselves on the process of which these devices work, before you go out and purchase them from such places as hardware stores, department stores, some pet stores etc. -- because believe it or not, companies in which manufacture such traps will not inform you of the extremeties that these traps go to in order to rid your house etc of these little lives.

GLUE TRAPS, are pans or trays that coated in an extremely sticky adhesive, which once in contact, the little animal becomes entrapped and immobilized -- causing extreme pain, suffering and injury due to fear, stress and trying to escape from the bounds, even though there is little chance of escape at this point.

Such entrapment, and with the extreme stress and fear, have forced countless victims to chew threw their own limbs or cause sever injury in attempt to free themselves -- even larger animals who have become accidentally or purposely trapped, have managed to free themselves, but with consequences such as loss of fur, and skin in some cases.

Did you know that it could take approximately 3-5 days for the little victim to perish... whether it be due to starvation, dehydration, even exhaustion... or succumb to the injuries that these traps inflicted upon them...

Companies and industries who are producing and selling such devices, lead buyers to believe that this form of trapping is safe and effective -- but in all honesty, they are merely veiling the truth, keeping the consumers from knowing that such traps are not a quick and painless death for these innocent souls... we can no longer allow ourselves to be fooled.


We are aiming for a complete ban on such cruel traps, to remove such inhumane and cruel devices off the shelves, and stop their production, manufacturing and selling.

It is our determination to raise awareness and attention upon this issue, and raise much support and voices, through individuals and those of political influence, to make the stand and play their active role in helping succeed at this goal.

The safety and protection of innocent life is imperative, and with much humane alternative out there, there should be no acceptance or tolerance of such cruel devices -- and it is up to us and individuals of the world to raise their paws and show that we are working united to make a difference.






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