We want a Sprouts Farmers Market in Castro Valley!

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This petition is a continuation of the previous petition to Bring Sprouts Farmers Market to Castro Valley which sadly ended due to developer canceling the project in April 2016.

Residents of Castro Valley would like to demonstrate to the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council that a majority of Castro Valley residents and those in surrounding areas would like the CVMAC to join us in our support to bring Sprouts Farmers Market to 3848 Castro Valley Boulevard, Castro Valley, CA 94546 where Rite-Aid Drugstore currently occupies. 

This development project would be beneficial to the Castro Valley community  because it will bring more business to Castro Valley which will revitalize that area of town with a Sprouts Farmer's Market, Rite-Aid Drugstore and a third business space.  Currently, Castro Valley residents need to travel to neighboring cities - San Ramon and Dublin - which have a Sprouts Farmers Market.  

I'll let some of the comments by Castro Valley residents speak (for more comments, see post via link provided above):

"People don't realize how much money can be brought in, then more jobs so we can afford to live here." - J.R.

"I think we need a sprouts in Castro valley so I don't have to go to Dublin all the time." - S.G.

" Sprouts would be good for Castro Valley and that location." - N.T

"Bring on Sprouts, it's more shopping options and more jobs for Castro Valley!" - C.S.

"Sprouts is a great idea. We should welcome Sprouts and the opportunity to put more people to work and I can shop in Castro valley instead of having to go to Dublin" - S.H.

"At least we'll add some food diversity to our little town of storage facilities. Thank Sprouts for thinking of Castro Valley." - D.B.

"Why drive to San Ramon and give our $$ to that City? This is our town, keep the revenue here so we continue to have options."- M.D

"Everyone says shop local in CV, why to give Safeway more dollars. I go to Dublin and pleasanton to do my grocery shopping. Why can't we have a Sprouts" - K.J.

"I've waited for 2 years for this store....I drive to dublin 2x a week just go go to sprouts!" - J.D.

"We need easy access to organic foods at reasonable prices here in Castro Valley!" - V.G.

" I support it. We need this type of store to shop in. I go to Dublin and I know others who do to in order to go to Sprouts." - W.L.

"Another tax stream for CV.....more local jobs puts more money into the other local businesses." - S.K.

Not only will this development project revitalize this area of Castro Valley, it will also bring additional revenue to the town as well as attract others from neighboring cities to shop more in Castro Valley, making it a "one stop shop" type of town!

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