Castle drive Fig Protectors

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URGENT : Castle drive Fig is a stunning 200 year old Moreton Bay Fig that stands in what is known by local indigenous elders as Sacred Womens land and is next to a significant paper bark scar tree here in Lennox Head. 

Ballina Council plan on cutting this beautiful Fig down very soon. 

There is only 1% of the Big Scrub rainforest remaining from what was 75 000 hectares of sub tropical rain forest. This Morton Bay Fig is part of that 1% and deserves to live on for 100’s of years to come. The worth of this magnificent Fig to the community, wildlife and our future generations has been estimated at 1 886 000 million dollars. 

Due to minimal movement issues on the adjoining property the owners and council have decided to cut down this beautiful local piece of our heritage. 

We enlisted arborists and engineers they’re reports show evidence that the issues are either not from the Fig at all or not solely from the Fig and can be fixed without cutting down this beautiful old tree.  

The Arborist costing supplied for a root barrier is approximately 1/2 of what it would cost to fell the Fig. 

We see absolutely no reason 200 hundred years of history should be lost to community, the above reports and the indigenous significance alone say that. 

A house can be repaired, once cut 200 years of life is taken away forever.

We strongly feel we are supporting the Fig, community and the home owners.

As the council is not taking heed to their own and our reports or hearing us we are taking action into our own hands please help us protect the Castle drive Fig....

Power to the people! 

Please sign, join our FB page Castle drive Fig Protectors and share the word. Thank you all so very much passionate tree lovers! Let’s Save The Castle drive Fig!!!