Stop the Boxing Day Hunt

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Fox hunting is both illegal and brutal - yet it continues throughout the UK. In my local area in Somerset, hunters meet every Boxing Day outside the Town Hall in Castle Cary to go on a 'trail hunt'. It’s one of around 300 such 'non-lethal' hunts that take place on this day. But every year there are reports of foxes being illegally killed on "trail hunts". It must stop.

In trail hunts, hounds often pick up the scent of a real animal, chase it and kill it – then the hunts claim that it was an accident. Hunts go out up to four times a week (in season) and this means that there are between 10,000 and 11,000 hunts every year. Rural foxes have declined by between 20- 40% in recent years so the population is in enough trouble already.

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt (BSV) in Castle Cary, Somerset are meeting this Boxing Day, outside the Town Hall. The council must immediately step in and show the hunt that they are unwelcome, rather than endorse it by letting it meet outside a public building. 

We are asking Castle Cary Town Council to distance themselves from the BSV and state openly that they do not want them in their town on Boxing Day. If Castle Cary do this, then other councils will follow suit. Public Boxing Day meets must become a thing of the past. 

Somerset is my home. I should be able to enjoy its beauty, but as long as the foxhunts are out there, I can’t do that. Please help me put this right - sign my petition to stop Boxing Day trail hunts.

Pip Donovan