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Adrienne C started this petition to Cash app and

When I was scammed by "Benni Beauty", I found out there were over THREE (3) TO FOUR (4) DOZEN VICTIMS, who has yet to receive any form of back payment OF THEIR OWN MONEY from 'Benni Beauty' himself. In this day of age, Social media is a growing role in cybercrime. Banks are cracking down and more & more people are being fraud around the world.

My mission is for Cash App, Facebook, and Zelle Pay to ACCEPT the GARNISHMENT OF EVERY DOLLAR due to the victims of the #BenniBeautyScam from Benni Sanchez account(s) itself. I also want Instagram to INVESTIGATE this HIGH PROFILE CYBER CONVICT to REMOVE HIS ACCOUNT ENTIRELY. 

Benni Beauty, an infamous scandalous 'makeup artist' who was paid in various amounts between $50 to $2,000 each victim personal total. These beautiful women being blindsided and purchasing countless services such as: 1:1 classes, group classes, 6 - 10 week online courses, and makeup products with hopes of a package coming to their door. 

Knowing that is is happening in front of everyones eyes on instagram alone who either follow this pseudo-MUA page in the amount of 145k followers or know about his shady work ethics personally, THIS HAS TO STOP!

Due to the fact that this is how he's taken women hard earn money that we actually have to work for, Benni Sanchez aka "Benni Beauty" Instagram, Facebook, Zelle, last but not least Cash App accounts needs to be SHUT DOWN immediately after everyone is paid their rightful amount owed.  

These women which some are starting families, were deceived and had went through the most extremes of even taking on multiple shifts weekly at their jobs, and still sacrificed to pay this heartless soul. He paints a facade that he's traveling the world, eating thee best food in town and actually visiting the cities that we up & coming and veteran makeup artists, inspired beauty influencers, and new beauty businesses the techniques that WE THOUGHT we were going to learn on the dates he should've been in our state in the first place.

Bogus facade is what he wants everyone to believe on the blogs, yet showing us world-wide CUSTOMERS his NASTY, snake in the grass, misogynist attitude. This "super busy" Houston,Texas makeup artist lies about traveling to these following states: New Jersey, New York, LA, New Orleans and more. Even these following companies ‘Glam And Glow Beauty Bar’ in Texas  and ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ has been notified.

Rose Soliz, owner of ‘Glam and Glow Beauty Bar’ in Texas reported to me personally that they haven't done any business with him “since November” yet are taking the time to support his post on Instagram THE SAME DAY after they’ve have elaborated seeing the numerous accounts/post on his NEGATIVE  and SHIESTY behavior. He SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF.  

There is a 4 part series on YouTube with millions of comments on each episode sharing their same horror stories. And still til this day he still doesn’t care. 

                                             MY STORY 

Hello everyone my name is Adrienne, around my birthday I wanted to take makeup lessons to expand my lash business, I've been following this makeup artist  (ON INSTAGRAM) by the name of  @BENNIBEAUTY for a few years. On September 15th 2019 I contacted BENNI "THE FRAUD" BEAUTY about FINALLY taking a lesson from him. With my previous job I wasn't able to take lessons due to my schedule and my pay. I finally was offered a new position elsewhere and the stars aligned to finally take a class with him. Benni told me that on 9/15/19 that "October 12th-13th" he will be having a makeup class IN MY AREA. He then stated that being that this IMAGINARY class is BOOKED he'll give me a discount. GREAT! I told him that I might have to wait on giving him any money at all because I wasn't expecting him to come to my area so sudden and that I didn't get paid yet. he replies back "give what you can and pay the rest the day of class." IM EXCITED!  Benni sends his CASH APP info and tells me to let me know when IM DONE. *CASH APP sent of $50 to ($BENNIBEAUTY1)*

After doing what he said, Benni also asked for 1. MY NAME and 2. my phone number then lied by saying "he'll contact me shortly." IM WAITING not only minutes, hours, DAYS literally before my class im not only nervous but telling my friend the drama I'm experiencing and I'm panicking. I still never received a call. I DIRECT MESSAGE him NO ANSWER! When I started to question him and started to see the change of his attitude and NOT being as on point like he was in the beginning, HE finally decided to message me back he tells me "who said I wasn't comjng girl?, LOL, I'm at work I can't answer rn" because I know nobody is perfect I give him a chance. now its the day before my class one again I message him 'Hello, any details today?" he then replies "send me your number, are you sure it was today? the class, what's your full name and number? STRIKE ONE! so now FEW DAYS LATER, NEW MESSAGE from @BENNIBEAUTY " I did my books, ima be there October 20th 21st, I can do a 1:1 lesson for you" in oder to even keep this special 1:1 class I had to send another payment to even keep my spot because we all know he's booked and busy. we finally agreed, Im excited once again! *CASH APP sent of $100 to ($BENNIBEAUTY1)* He Disappeared and he DIDN'T keep his promise. POOF $150 down the drain!  He's now "promoting/booking December class" I'm furious.  

I was now ready for my money to be returned. Because I let him get away with not only the first dates but to reschedule because I can't get my own money back.  I THEN NOW TAKE NOTES OF EVERYTHING THAT HE POST ON INSTAGRAM. So I kindly ask him "hey can I get back my $150 and I'll reschedule another time. and because we all know he doesn't have the best memory I cut out the time and send my cash app information.  HE REFUSED! in his words " no you're attending the class like. you asked, what's the issue now, relax, stop freaking out. at this point I don't want to talk anymore I explain my December is far and I don't want to wait and my friend is getting married I'm part of the wedding those dates aren't going to work he replies: I cannot give you a refund sorry, I can add you to the class, DON'T BE DIFFICULT!  I gave you a good deal" so NOW after changing my date from October 12th-13th to now October 20th-21st he wants me to wait til December. (FYI: December 2nd 2019  I called my bank about my situation and they told me I can't get back my $50 due to a report for fraud or dispute has to be  reported within 60 days : even then its NOT 100% guarantee that YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK) Do you see where I'm going with this?!  

I even took the time to go on my business instagram account to see if maybe he's "TOO BUSY" to talk to me a PAYING CUSTOMER" then MAYBE you aka BENNI "the fraud" BEAUTY should be too busy to NOT answer my business page or anyone at  as well! while I'm waiting to hear back from my personal account I'm having a conversation on my business account " Hey Benni I'm interested in taking classes...he replies that he's coming to NJ December 5-6. 1 SPOT LEFT! LOGS OFF! 



I GOT SCAMMED: Even though "I'm booked" for December 5-6 now, the excitement fizzled down, my mood has gone from being passionate about my career finally taking off the way I see it, to something I'm not even sure if I'm even in the right field. and if I should just give up. 

Black Friday:  I then started to wonder how can I possibly be THE ONLY ONE going through this situation and NOT one person posted or even SAID A WORD about being scammed as well?!?! and low and behold he forgot to delete a comment(s) that said "SCAMMER" numerous times! WOW! I'm NOW APPALLED. I finally decided enough is enough I'm contacting Cash App. Cash app send back an email stating basically saying unfortunately I will not be getting anything back because basically I set my own set up for failure. (THANK YOU CASH APP FOR UNDERSTANDING.) So now I had enough and I know that so many people that I know follows him as well on instagram I then decide to take it to social media. As I'm typing his name to let him know yes! I'm speaking up and not holding back I see other pages pop up and they're exposing him how a bad person he is, his work ethic is garbage and on yelp there's only 1 star reviews because that's the LEAST you can give in order to write one! WOW! This is what I was basically looking for this whole time! (HE BLOCKS ALL THE VICTIMS  ACCOUNTS WHO WERE SCAMMED AS WELL) reason being not a single comment, post NOTHING of his character. So now at this point forget the DECEMBER CLASS. I DON"T CARE ANYMORE. I even contacted a place that he works or worked who knows called "Glam And Glow Beauty Bar in Houston, TEXAS! They reached out stating he doesn't work there anymore but is actually liking his post on Instagram when they know he's been committing fraudulent crimes to innocent people. 

3. END OF  STORY: After having to fight literally to get my money back, from being called evil names, tagging celebrities who follow him AND actual victims from this scam, cash app and last but not least ABC HOUSTON! ( and yes cash app and abc has watched my instagram stories) on Friday December 5th 2019 at 3:33 pm I received my money back. I then contacted cash app and told them to immediately remove my account I NO LONGER NEED THEIR SERVICES!  #GoodByeBenni2020 


Help OUR Cause:  yes me and maybe less than a handful has gotten our money back by doing the extreme to finally get the satisfaction we deserve, sad to say MORE WOMEN (and MEN) are being frauded by

Instagram: @BENNIBEAUTY ( new victims)
Cash APP $BENNIBEAUTY1 ( taking victims money and not able to return back) 
Zelle ( another cash app)
PLEASE HELP other victims from the #BenniBeautyScam:

WATCH THIS VIDEO: SOME of the females that has been blinded and scammed as well:  https://www.instagram.com/tv/B4eTIYsgm4-/?igshid=9p87ivcgamnn 
REMOVE @BENNIBEAUTY FROM INSTAGRAM and block all further charges from being sent to his account.
Please and Thank you. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!