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i visited new pawsibilities and went there twice in two days to look at a dog, after visiting with her she had an accident in the room, I looked at it and it was all blood, she was crying as the blood was coming out, I asked the person working what was wrong and he told me he had no idea, I asked a vet what it could possibly be and they instantly said parasites, these people promise that their animals are in good health and they are FAR from, I put in an application for her anyways and was approved, as soon as I got the approval I looked online to show a picture of her, come to find out they either adopted her out last night right after I left and failed to say anything or she did end up dying, I also volunteered here a few months back and witnessed the owner purposely cut the puppies nails too short and then proceed to scream at the dogs and slam them around the tub as the ones paw was bleeding everywhere, I just left there after asking about the puppy I was approved for and the owner proceeded to scream at me in the parking lot for walking away from him as he started to get aggressive, I am a 110 pound pregnant girl and he is a 300 pound man, of course I'm going to back up as you continue to come at me for walking out, bree Hornes and myself were absolutely terrified. To come after a pregnant girl for simply walking out after telling me to come get the puppy when you knew you adopted her out yesterday. ALSO a dead dog was found in a box next to their dumpster and an employee confirmed it came from their shelter. DISGUSTING. Help me get these poor babies out of here and somewhere that they will be loved and taken care of. It takes a village and these innocent babies deserve our help!

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