Carve Slaves William and Ellen Craft onto Stone Mountain

Carve Slaves William and Ellen Craft onto Stone Mountain

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Georgia has an amazing tourist attraction that provides hours of fun for all who go there. It also has a huge confederate monument that leaves out some important Civil War Era heroes.

Add carvings of William and Ellen Craft to Stone Mountain to provide tourists with a more accurate picture of the Civil War Era.

Personal story
I took my daughter's to Stone Mountain while my husband was deployed. We had  a fun time with all the wonderful activities there. Then we sat down to watch the fireworks show, and my daughters asked me the same question that I thought when I first saw the carvings on Stone Mountain; Why do they have a monument to Confederate heroes? 

As a wife of a soldier, I understand the importance of remembering the military. Since my soldier happens to be native to Georgia, I also see beauty in the Southern culture and the desire to preserve the good parts; the friendly manners and slow paced life. 

What I don't see is why one side of the story is left out. Why are there no representatives of the strong men and women whose hard work helped to ensure the south's prosperity?

History should never be erased, but adding William and Ellen Craft to Stone Mountain would add to its beauty, attract new visitors, and provide a more accurate picture of the Civil War Era. Stone Mountain could become a source of pride to the South.

It could help change how people view the south. Many still think of the South as a place of racism and ill treatment of black people. They do not see and know the Georgia that I came to see and love as a youth. A Georgia filled with beauty, southern charm, good food, easy manners, porches, amazing homes, and friendly people of all nationalities. 

We need to unite to show our love for all of mankind and our desire for both sides of the civil war history to be represented on Stone Mountain.

* Some information I learned studying for this: General "Stonewall" Jackson's wife said he never would have gone to war to keep slavery going. (He did not fight for Slavery, but states rights). William and Ellen Craft were runaway slaves with an amazing story that fought slavery and brought to light the horrors of slavery. The moved back to Georgia and created a school for the poor that they funded themselves.