Save Turner EMEA and bring back Pan-EMEA Versions as Pay Channels

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At the present times, There are Many Problems happened to Cartoon Network, Boomerang and TCM in the EMEA Region:

  • Cartoon Network RSEE, Cartoon Network CEE, and Boomerang CEE hasn't used Texts including the time of broadcasting or the word Coming Soon at the end of the promos
  • On October 2016, Cartoon Network MENA , Cartoon Network Arabia, and Cartoon Network Turkey cancelled a cartoon called Steven Universe and people are complaining to them and wanted to bring back Steven Universe
  • TCM Africa airs since January 2016 the movies, that doesn't relate to Classic Movies such as The Man Without a Face (1993), The Vanishing (1993), Rules of Engagement (2000), The Witches (1990), The Hoax (2006), etc. 
  • Cartoon Network Arabic was supposed to censor only Kisses, but unfortunately they censored many scenes from all Cartoon Network shows more than other versions, and Cartoon Network MENA was suppose to be a Paid Channel that doesn't censor, but unfortunately they censored many scenes that were unedited on CN Arabia.
  • Cartoon Network Arabic air a program, that people hates it called Mansour and there was a worst President called Tarek Mounir, the worst Cartoon Network Arabic's President ever in the world.

To solve the problems, here are the solutions to solve the problems:

  1. Cartoon Network MENA, CEE, RSEE, and Africa should Merge together and form Cartoon Network HQ/EMEA. Also, Boomerang MENA, CEE and Africa should merge into Boomerang HQ/EMEA. Cartoon Network HQ/EMEA and Boomerang HQ/EMEA should be both Subtitled and dubbed in some languages in most of the shows when available.
  2. Cartoon Network should launch Free-To-Air services in Europe and Central Asia such as CN Czech, CN Dutch, CN Italiano, CN Espanol, CN Francophone (for Africans who talk in French), CN Maghreb Orient, CN Farsi, CN Balkan,CN Magyar, etc. Most of FTA channels should air new episodes after 1-3 months of being aired on Cartoon Network EMEA. 
  3. HLN should remove the American Feed with Weather forecast from MENA's beIN and launch it's own International feed under the name HLN International on beIN MENA, Digiturk, Sky Italy, Sky UK, Sky Germany, Canal+, SFR, etc.
  4. TCM Africa should close and be replaced with TCM MENA due to airing most of the 90's and 2000's movies and TCM EMEA after the merge should be converted to HD. TCM EMEA should also be distributed to CEE region, Portugal, Turkey, and Scandinavia after the merge and TNT CEE and Germany should be only for series and drama.
  5. Steven Universe should return to Cartoon Network Arabia and Cartoon Network Turkey, and Tarek Mounir should be expelled and be replace by another president. Censorship in Cartoon Network Arabia should be only in Romantic Kisses.
  6. Boing and Toonami should broadcast in all Europe, Middle East, and Africa after the success of Boing in France, Italy, Spain and Africa and Toonami in France.
  7. Turner should stop broadcasting the German Version from Munich, Germany and move it's signal to Paris or London.
  8. Turner should launch CNN Arabia or (CNN Bill Arabia) as a TV Channel and Broadcast from Doha, Qatar or London, UK and Cartoon Network Arabia should move its headquarter from Dubai, UAE to Doha, Qatar or Paris, France.
  9. Cartoon Network Arabia should extend coverage and broadcast on DSTV for African viewers in Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Mauritania and Somalia.

Finally, that's the suggestions that the viewers want to and those should be send to Turner Broadcasting System EMEA and please these suggestions should be done in few months. The viewers have their right to suggest. What are you waiting for? Do something to gain more viewers and become the #1 Network in the EMEA Region.

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