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We want the return of Regular Show

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In August of 2016 a tweet published by Mark Hamill, recognized actor in charge of lending his voice to one of the protagonists of "Show Regular" in its original title gave the alarm that many did not want to read: the popular one Cartoon Network series would come to an end. "Season 7 of #RegularShow will be our last season. We'll miss you Skips, "wrote Hamill, quickly spawning the fans of space. Deadline reported that the cancellation of the program was official, said Rob Sorcher, head of content for Cartoon Network. A few months ago it was announced the end of the popular series "Regular Show" of Cartoon Network, which took to the surprise to the majority of its followers. Finally, last Monday, January 16, the last chapter was released, which left some wanting more. According to Rob Sorcher, person in charge of children's channel content, I commented: "From the initial idea of JG Quintel in post-it notes, to eight successful seasons and more than 250 episodes, 'Regular Show' has been one of the Most original animation programs of its generation. We are grateful to the creative team and cast of voices" Then Quintel added that "we have told the stories we have wanted and we will go the way we have always wanted: we will finish everything in a big way, closing the circle." The final season will have the "final intergalactic battle between good and evil". The show has been on the air since 2010, after being chosen from dozens of ideas from the Cartoon Network artists program in 2008. Thus it was titled final chapter: "A Regular Epic Final Battle" in him that sees Rigby, Mordecai, Muscular, Fantasmano, Skips and Benson reunited to see to Pale to fight with its brother. In the episode they continue revealing unknown parts of the life of the personages. One of them is Papaleta, personage to whom much of the eighth season was dedicated revealing for example, its planet of origin. Apparently, they were preparing their followers for the sacrifice they would make to save the Earth, which would transform it into a legend remembered by all the inhabitants of the planet. However, one of the most shocking moments of the end would be when they are shown to the characters 25 years later, at the same time that David Bowie's "Heroes" are played in the background. And unlike what some might think, Mordecai did not marry either Margaret or CJ. He met another woman when he inaugurated his art exhibition, which was very disappointing since we wanted Mordecai to stay with Margaret since from the beginning they were destined to be together and in the end it was not what we all wanted. Something that surely was what most affected the fans, is the final moment where it is seen that someone takes a VHS that has recorded by name "Regular Show", with a background voice that says "Ah, Jolly good show", Typical phrase of Papaleta. Finally the show won the Emmy for best short-form animation in 2012 and was nominated five more times. Including Cartoon Network produced a film in 2015. 'Regular Show' revolves around the adventures of Mordecai and Rigby, two best friends who live all kinds of crazy. The group of characters is completed with Pops, Benson, Muscular and Skips (Mark Hamill lends his voice to give life to the latter). However we did not want the series to end, but the bad decisions of the chain forced the series to be canceled so that we could end up with an end that was not really worth seeing as I honestly did not like the end because we all wanted Mordecai He would stay with Margaret in which she came to him, hugged him, reaffirmed his love and kissed him but that did not happen since she decided to hug her friend that her boyfriend and it was disappointing but what ruined was that the Knew a girl in his art exhibition and they had children who are really ugly and another negative point was that the end was quite exaggerated since in the final minutes was very accelerated to see them in a way already defined when they could only end up being them Same without the need to make changes, finally the creator the shit completely, And if you wanted to do a continuation again, ideally, Cartoon Network does not restart the series as several fans would be very disappointed by the bad decisions of the chain and ideally it is renewed for a ninth season in the That the end is not canonical and can be a final more without adding to the series, with the intention of lasting longer and that never leave the air but the time may say it, and finally this is for JG Quintel, since yes He reads it one day he will realize the importance for which the series had to continue since it was still potential to discover, to exploit the series to the maximum and above all that Mordecai stays with Margaret, without more to add I hope the chain will realize Of the terrible mistake of having eliminated a really good series in its programming will regret this and above all enter the dark age where the worst cartoons and especially unnecessary restarts are not worth seeing.

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