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Remove Teen Titans Go! From Your Network

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I loved the original Teen Titans, I grew up with it and loved it. Then when Teen Titans Go! came along, I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, and wanted to find a way to prove this show wasn't the worst thing on the channel, but it seemed like it was actively going out of its way to prove me wrong and give me nothing but reasons not to defend it. This is about more than simple-minded bias, this is more than artistic rights, this is about purging the airwaves of all the trash on television. This show has absolutely nothing to do with the Teen Titans in absolutely any regard and gets literally nothing right! For a comedy show, it's not funny; for a show about less-than-likable characters it's not interesting because not only are so many of them ranging from bland or irredeemable depending on the episode but their personalities change from episode to episode. For a show that tries to cater to older fans, it just spits in their faces, bastardizes and mocks the original or even anyone who liked the original. For a show that tries to find a new audience, the creators have openly stated in interviews they're INTENTIONALLY trying to make the show as stupid, banal, and annoying as possible JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!! That would be bad enough, but the show tries to teach morals that will most likely end up making the lives of their audience worse like boys and girls aren't equal: girls are better than boys at everything and you should just accept it (Boys vs. Girls), or if someone is better than you, you should cheat to win and prove your point (Multiple Trick Pony), or its okay to shirk responsibility and it's even better if you drag your friends down with you (Staring at the Future, which also steals the plot of the episode How Long is Forever from the original series). On a network with Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Clarence, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and so many, many great shows over the years, not only do we deserve better, not only do our kids deserve better, but we shouldn't have to just sit back and put up with terrible series like this.

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