Remaster Ramayana The Legend of Prince Rama, The Childhood Gem that we all Know and Love.

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Ramayan: The Legend of Prince Rama is 1992 animated feature directed by Yugo Sako with our country's greatest animator Shree Ram Mohan ji. It is a timeless classic and one of the best adaption of the Epic by Valmiki.

As a child I can remember being hooked to the screen watching this Beautifully crafted gem. Cartoon Network use to air this every year during the time of Diwali and my whole family would watch the movie with utmost interest. I recently rewatched this marvel myself and wanted to get my hands on it in a more premiere format. A timeless classic like this I have to save it in HD for times to cherish. When I went online I was sad to find that a HD format of this masterpiece doesn't exist all I could find was youtube uploads in 360p and a DVD on amazon that was in even worse condition than the one uploaded in youtube. I was quick to learn that this film apparently faced some controversy spear headed by VHP Viswa Hindu Parishad needles to say their arguments were mundane. I will link an article for those of you who want to know the matter in details.

Their Arguments was that cartoons as they called them were childish and not fit to portray Lord Rama. When in reality animation is a mature art form internationally and the film was a faithful adaption with mature themes, Ram Chandra etiquettes, and the triumphant of good over evil. 450 artists Japanese and Indian spilled their blood and sweat for creating this masterpiece but it was never released. It would have been an animation milestone globally and might have brought the renaissance of Indian animation. Oh and the voice cast and Background Score was Phenomenal. Though the film never saw the light of day in 1992 and the next 8 years it was the opening film of the 2000 Lucca Animation Film Festival and won the best animated feature at the 2000 Santa Clarita International Film Festival.
I believe it was in 2002 or the 2000s that we finally saw this masterpiece when Cartoon Network acquired it's broadcasting rights.

I started this petition so that like me all of us who love this film want a retribution. We want this Masterpiece to be remastered and preserved for future generations to cherish and enjoy. We want a remastered version of this movie in a premiere HD format. Cartoon Network or who ever has the right to this film we wish that you honour our request....the ownership of this film is ambiguous and I have no idea who actually owns the right but I know that Cartoon Network had it and they may very well be the one who do. Please sign this petition and make your voice heard if you love this movie.