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Release the "Toonami: Trapped in Hyperspace" game

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In 2002, Toonami's total immersion event Trapped in Hyperspace aired. In it, the Absolution is taken over by an alien virus known as Swayzak, leading to TOM jacking into the system to rid the ship of it. The majority of the plot was resolved in the tie-in Shockwave game; a Descent clone made with the 3D Groove plugin, where you played as TOM blasting at hordes of Swayzak's drone and turret servants in a virtual jet while occasionally getting help from the Absolution's artificial intelligence SARA. Passwords were given for new weapons and tips were given via AOL if you had Nintendo on your buddy list. At the end of each stage, a code was given for you to log on Cartoon Orbit with and be rewarded by several Super Mario Sunshine cToons (the game sponsored the event). 

The game stayed on long after the event ended, but in July 2004 it was taken off the site. Fast forward to 2009, a Toonami fan named Alshoff decides to back up old Toonami games on the site "Toonami Lost Data". He previously tried backing up the games in 2004 via browser cache, but it just didn't work. Trapped in Hyperspace was nowhere to be found, even the Wayback Machine didn't archive it, save for a preloader displaying the logo. Alshoff decided to contact the developers of the game, Germany-based Pepworks. When he got in touch with them, Pepworks told them that they could only give copies of the game to Cartoon Network, the client who they worked with. Even though a Powerpuff Girls game Pepworks made with the same plugin and gameplay style, called "Showdown in the Sky", was dug up by Alshoff, Trapped in Hyperspace remains lost to the ages as of this writing.

Now, I am contacting you today because thousands of Toonami fans remember and have played this game, and they want to see it again for nostalgic purposes, as well as find out just what was going on during the on air portions of the event that weren't mentioned before. In addition, a website exists called the Lost Media Wiki, dedicated to finding lost and obscure works of media. Many games developed with the 3D Groove plugin are lost, although most of them have been found now. A page on these games has been around for awhile, noting that Trapped in Hyperspace is lost; however I brought it to their attention a month ago that it needs to be found. A standalone page on the game, created by me, has been on the site since then.

My purpose for finding the game is to see a particularly infamous piece of dialogue at the start of the fifth and last level claiming that Swayzak infected TOM, and also for Swayzak's full body, which there are no images of online aside for fan imaginings.

Seeing as you're the client, could you please ask Pepworks for a copy to give to us Toonami Faithful and Alshoff of Toonami Lost Data? I'm sure many of your current employees were around when the event happened, and they may as well remember the game. Additionally, former 3D Groove Alliance member Jules Urbach is more than willing to look through his storage for the game when he has a chance. 

Pepworks may not respond, though, as their site and most of their social networking accounts were last updated in 2014. In that case, you should either write to them, meet them in person in Germany, or search your old files for the game. Whatever it takes to make all of us fans of Toonami happy.


Danielle Pluzsik

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