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Put Bill Madon's NightTerrors on Adult Swim

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Bill Madon's NightTerrors is a perfect fit for Adult Swim! Over the past few years Bill has brought a fresh and unique take to paranormal storytelling on YouTube. We believe his short videos would be warmly received by Adult Swim's audience.

There is a shortage of creativity in the world today. It is too easy to follow the same cookie cutter formulas that worked so mathematically for others. The result is a culture without soul. The current crop of committee-planned viral drivel shoveled down the necks of millennials won't stand the test of time. Bill Madon's NightTerrors represents a break from the gray cloth of conformity.

Alone against a photographic panoply stands our man Bill. With a brave and even cadence he leads the viewer through tales of the mysterious and horrific. NightTerrors is a welcomed anachronism; harkening back to the days of Rod Serling.

Younger audiences are seeing through the form-letter corporate swill being spewed on cable television. They see through the big budgets and sexy, paper thin characters. If cable television is to die, let this be the reason. Bill Madon's NightTerrors is a counter to that trend. It is a show with real heart that feels genuine. It is something that you can connect with, hosted by a man you can relate to.

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