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No ending of Adventure Time

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About a month ago it was announced through a statement that Cartoon Network aims to ultimately end the Adventure Time series, without knowing the success that has brought this wonderful series, however the chain canceled Regular Show 2 weeks before this news where he announced that the eighth season would be his last season in their episodes will be released daily until its completion in January of the following year, somewhat disappointed several fans of the series thinking that would last longer and would exceed more than 10 seasons, The lively, Aventure Time series, created by writer and animator Pendleton Ward and transmitted by Cartoon Network, tells the story of a boy named Finn and his best friend Jake, a dog that has magical powers of transformation. They live thousands of adventures touring the Land of Ooo, a surreal and magical world that became a post-apocalyptic world because of a nuclear war that ended with the human race and Finn is the only human survivor.  Apparently only two years left to continue enjoying this series which will have a total of 9 seasons end in 2018. Although there are still several chapters and a full season, there is also a lively developing film which will be distributed by Warner Bros . Pictures and a miniseries. In a statement, its creator spoke about: "Adventure Time was a project full of passion by the people of the team that puts his heart in art and history." It is not yet known whether there was an agreement between Cartoon Network and its creator, or whether it was an individual decision of either party but apparently the chain decided unjustly cancel the series despite the success it enjoys right now and is very similar as happened to Regular Show and apparently there were problems between the creator and the chain that issues, Ward later said: "We try to put in every episode something genuine and telling something of our lives, and make a series that was personal to us and also had jokes. I am very happy to connect with people for so long. It's something special, I think". Apparently it is not known what is happening exactly the string that is making decisions on their own consisting eliminate each one of his best series regardless of the success it enjoys right now and the problem is that the chain does not have longer-lasting series that have emerged in the nineties and two thousand and so many of his series were completed or in the worst cases canceled, The network believes the series is finished in 2018 and although he has confirmed us that the series last longer because for us the news slammed both animators and the fan community, it is true that recent seasons have had a significant drop in quality and the worst is that Pendleton Ward is not in the series since the fifth season because he felt overwhelmed by the success that was revealed in Rolling Stone in an interview. However this wonderful series brought animation respite after years and years of crisis and lack of ideas, exploitation and a writers strike that eternal Adventure Time looked brought a style and a world of unlimited possibilities and which inspired several current series, the series began a second golden age of animation for television and without their contribution the current animation not be the same. We want the chain to know and realize the success of the series, how inspiring it is and above all a radical change in the world, hopefully chain him another chance to the series to be renewed for the tenth season and has more seasons to last longer and thus give another chance to Pendleton Ward to continue exploiting its full potential and continue to make this series last longer.

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