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More seasons and increased episodes for Steven Universe

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In recent years, Cartoon Network offered a new way of seeing the animated series, neither more nor less it was Steven Universe series, which began to have fame both children and adults and is the best they have given us the chain enjoy the series and enjoy to the fullest. We therefore call chain carefully to let Rebecca Sugar continue its program as it is quite good that deserves to be recognized and stay longer in the air for several more years. His series is quite good worth being seen by viewers and it is best to let it exploit its full potential to prove it is one of the best series that has had the chain, which is why the show must go on the air may since have fame in future selling t-shirts, video games, toys, books and even a movie. As they spend their time on his other series, it is better to give continuity to Steven Universe to develop more seasons in the future and at the same time an increase of episodes per season, as viewers want to give us a good TV show to enjoy it, enjoy it and achieve all planned expectations. Without further ado we wish you the best of the series and want to let us review while listening to our opinions, appreciate your response son.

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