Make Victor and Valentino a full series

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"Victor and Valentino" is a proposed show that was brought to life by the talented Diego Molano, a former writer and storyboard artist for several episodes of various shows on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. The pilot brings us to the world of two half-brothers named Victor and Valentino living in the undead town of Monte Macabre. Cartoon Network premiered the pilot on November 1st and is also available for full viewing experiences on YouTube right here.


When I had first stumbled upon this show, I expected a nonsensical show that would help me mindlessly pass the time. Instead, I was outright in awe of the beauty that was the animation, the relatable and high energy characters,  and with the final added cherry on top to this delicious sundae, the storyline had clever jokes, excellent pacing, and is unlike anything I have ever seen before. What stunned me the most about “Victor and Valentino” was that the writers displayed all of what I am conveying to you, in only eight minutes and thirty-six seconds tops.


In this day of age, when I overhear people discussing animated programming, I most often hear that it is just for children. However, when television shows such as “Adventure Time” and “Steven Universe” have made their grand appearance, the respect for the art of animation has gradually been increasing, but not by much. People often criticize Cartoon Network for airing simple minded shows such as “Teen Titans Go!”, a spinoff of the original show, “Teen Titans”, but more and more children of all ages crave more of the thought provoking shows like “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” and “Gravity Falls”. If “Victor and Valentino” becomes a television show, most believe that it would be a fitting replacement for some of the shows on Cartoon Network that are coming to a conclusion and personally, I couldn’t agree more.


By signing this petition, you are changing the future of animation and making a stand on the belief that cartoons aren’t just for the youth. To quote Walt Disney, “Everyone in the world was once a child, we grow up, our personalities change. But in everyone of us, something remains of our childhood.” 

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