Dear Cartoon Network please bring back the good shows!

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Dear Cartoon Network,

My fellow fans and I write this petition to you hoping our voices will finally be heard. Over the last few years this network has created some really amazing shows only to cancel them and replace them with much lower quality shows. Shows like Young Justice and Teen Titans have been replaced with Teen Titans Go, The Looney Tunes show has been replaced with Wabbit, SD: Mystery Incorporated with Be Cool Scooby Doo, etc... On top of that shows like Generator Rex, Secret Saturdays have been canceled; while Ben 10 and many other good series are getting poorly rebooted. 

The original Ben 10 was a work of art- a great story every kid in my generation followed, it was realistic, it was heartfelt, the aliens made sense and the heroes were relatable and likable. We as fans think that Ben 10 should not be rebooted. It is a very young series that can be continued in many different ways. This new Ben 10 show looks more like "Super Hero Alien Buddy Adventures" than the Ben 10 we know and love. 

It seems these days everything on CN is something similar to Steven Universe or Teen Titans Go. This new Ben 10 reboot, Teen Titans Go and the New Powerpuff Girls are all following the same path.  It needs to stop; good story and thought-provoking messages are what we look for in cartoons, we need to inspire and challenge the minds of our viewers: not dull them with ignorance. Make them laugh, but also make them love. Quality should not be outweighed by ignorance.

Remember when Stuart Snyder thought live-action was the cool new thing to move towards? We all know how that turned out. Its fine to have a few wacky shows like Clarence, Uncle Grampa, Mighty Magiswords, etc... , but its time for some variety. We need shows with heart, shows like Young Justice, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Teen Titans, The Looney Tunes show, and many other classics deserve to be continued , or properly rebooted. They have high reviews and a large fan-base. Please consider what you guys are doing and listen to what your fans have to say. 

 #NoNewFans #NoOldFans