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Continue Young Justice

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This petition was created because Young Justice is one of the best animated TV shows on television at this time.  Creator Greg Weisman has given us a fantastic look at the DC universe, one which we feel needs and deserves a third season.  This show has a tremendous following, despite Cartoon Network’s horrid scheduling with the haphazard and far too long hiatuses.  If airing on Saturday morning with more children focused programming is not in the cards, then perhaps a move to the Toonami block under Adult Swim could provide a solution. Those who have watched the show know full well that Young Justice is a more mature show, animated though it may be, dealing with many aspects that would find it easier to fit in a more adult atmosphere.   CN did this show a disservice as soon as they made the not-so-brilliant decision to put the DC Nation block on at 9am Saturday mornings.  We cannot let this show be treated so cavalierly by the network, so I ask you to sign this petition and let your voice be heard so Young Justice may hopefully be allowed continue....and if you don’t Superboy will find you and you know how he gets when he’s angry.

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