Cancel Teen Titans Go and PowerPuff Girls 2016 reboot

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Hello everyone, I need your help with 2 problems that have both existed for way too long. Here's what the problems are:

April 23 2013 and April 4 2016 are 2 of the worst days ever. Why? Because, on April 23 2013, the worst show on Cartoon Network ever made its way onto the network. The show was called... teen titans go. And on April 4 2016, a show just as worst  as teen titans go also made its way onto Cartoon Network. The shows was called... the powerpuff girls 2016 reboot. I will give you 10 reasons why each show sucks. I will start with teen titans go and then  the powerpuff girls 2016 reboot. 

Here are 10 reasons why teen titans go sucks:        

1. It is offensive to fans who watched the original Teen Titans.

 Why did we get this heap of garbage instead of a 6th season of the original?! teen titans go is a disgrace to the original show. I'll compare the two:
Teen Titans: The fights were entertaining and weren't short. This show had character development and the Titans weren't annoying pricks. They don't go to the same places every episode. Robin wasn't an obsessive jerk in this version. He kept his crush for Starfire at a minimum level. He was FAR more likable. Cyborg, one of my favorite characters, wasn't loud. He  was awesome. Starfire was nice and caring in this one. Beast Boy was actually funny. He could fight well and didn't spend a lot of time sitting. Raven was my favorite. She had grown throughout the series. We got to see some depth in her. This show also had drama in it. It's comedy actually worked and I smiled at way more scenes. And the show had some dark emotional moments which was one of the many things I liked about the show.
teen titans go: The fights were too short. They were about 1 minute long. What's worse is that they didn't have the emotional impact the original show did. The plots of each of the episodes are stupid. They completely changed the characters. Robin is now annoying, He isn't likeable anymore. He tries too hard to be with Starfire. He's now a control freak. Cyborg is now loud and annoying. He is no longer funny and silent. Beast Boy is lazy. He is super annoying. He doesn't do much except play video games and be disgusting. Raven's character change is the worst. She obsesses over Pretty, Pretty Pegasus, and she's a half demon. I don't recall Raven smiling so much in the original. The episode, The Return of Slade, was disappointing. I thought that we'd finally see Slade, but nope. The episode is about a dumb clown.
For shame Cartoon Network. I can't believe that they'd have the nerve to call teen titans go our new favorite show. I also can't believe they show it almost all day, instead of great shows like Steven Universe,  The Amazing World of Gumball,  Adventure Time, OK KO: Let's Be Heroes, Clarence, and my personal favorite, We Bare Bears.

2. They bill it as "your new favorite show"

Okay, Cartoon Network can force some kids that are dumb enough to like it, But, they can't force us to like it. I may not be very smart, but, at least I'm smart enough to know that this show is absolute garbage! Now all because of this stupid not-kid-friendly show, Cartoon Network barely gets to play any other shows that are much better than this like We Bare Bears or Steven Universe. Our new favorite show they say? Um... No, more like Our new most hated show!teen titans go is an absolute disgrace. Cartoon Network can't force people to like their so called "great" show, that's just false advertising and a terrible one at that! The original was way better than this. Cartoon Network keeps saying that's it our new favorite show, and it disappoints us even further. And, with this petition,  this muddy piece of filth will no longer air on Cartoon Network ever again.

3. Cartoon Network shoves it in your face

How many episodes and specials do they have to make. Why has Cartoon Network focused on this piece of trash. Why did they make all of the characters act like idiots and Cartoon Network decides to serve it to us on a plank of wood. Its disgusting, and parents who say that this show is actually really good for the family, they seriously need to think again because their child might grow up thinking violence is the answer, always act lazy, never read, education is useless, and plenty of more trash. All this just because Cartoon Network decided to pop it up one day trying to say that this is perfect for the 10th anniversary for the original Teen Titans.

4. The episodes are pointless

 The episodes are just stupid and dumb! Clearly, the creators of teen titans go have no clue of what they're doing. The episodes are named-off irrelevant things...
1. The Return of Slade was about a dumb clown.
2. Money Grandma involves George Washington and there is no Grandma who appears in this episode
3. Caramel Apples is about Raven who forgets to give her father, Trigon a gift for Father's Day. So, Starfire decides to spend time with him
4. Multiple Trick Pony is about Robin and Kid-Flash who compete against each-other in a race to determine who the leader of the Titans should be.
5. Nean is about Raven who mixes up 2 words "Nice" and "Mean"
This is ridiculous! All the episodes do not make any sense. The Return of Slade was about a dumb clown, Slade did not even make a single appearance in this episode. Caramel Apples showed nothing about caramel, nor apples! In Money Grandma, it only shows George Washington and I don't even see a Grandma anywhere.
Multiple Trick Pony only shows Robin and Kid-Flash competing against each-other. It shows nothing about a pony who can do multiple tricks
Nean... Is not a real word!

5. The characters are all bullies.                           

There was an episode where the villains wanted a day off, and the titans beat them! Gizmo just wanted to be tall and Robin just beats him without question, and when Gizmo tells him it just his day off Robin says ok and walks off without a sorry. Starfire takes Jinx's cat without even suggesting they share the love or something that would promote haring or kindness, nope the cat like starefire more and leaves jinx heart broken. Raven harms another villain who was just playing a game of baseball because it annoyed her slightly, and so much more. The fact they promoted anti-bullying with this is just a lie because they do everything that a bully does to a kid!  Also, in other horrible episodes, The Titans destroyed Santa's toy factory just because they never got presents. PRESENTS! Christmas is not about presents you know. Second, they tried to kill a squirrel just because it stole their nuts. And they tried to destroy a poor little girl because she wanted to climb on monkey bars. teen titans go  must end now before it does any more damage.

6. It encourages kids to be bullies                                                                                                      

This show is hypocritical and every single episode is full of lies. Cartoon Network used these good for nothing characters to promote their Stop Bullying Speak Up campaign. Let me tell you, in all the episodes I've watched I never see any of those characters being nice to anyone. Robin is obsessive, self-hating, and annoying, and to make things worse for him, his team picks on him and makes him into an even worse person. Old Robin wasn't like that. Cyborg and Beast Boy always complain about how terrible he is, and why the heck does star fire not like him? Hello, that ship was one of the many things that was my childhood! These characters are bullies. They are lazy, ill-mannered, sloppy, disrespectful, dishonest characters that have sadly replaced are beloved original teen titans. If Cartoon Network wants to get the Stop Bullying Speak Up to work, they need to quit airing shows that make children think that it's okay to bully their peers and authorities. It may look harmless but reality, teen titans go, the powerpuff girls 2016 reboot, and other shows like them will only create more bullies.

7. The characters are all terrible

I know how i mentioned they are bullies but they are also terrible people. Robin's a psychopathic control freakish crybaby who cries all because his stupid stick broke, Raven's a sadistic creep who watches some stupid my little pony rip off called pretty pretty pegasus, Beast Boy's a lazy disgusting idiot who lives in a very dirty and disgusting room, Starfire's a brainless dope that can't even talk properly, and Cyborg's a stereotypical frat boy who yells way too much. Yep, they pretty much are the worst

8. It makes Santa a villain and insults Christmas

Watch the True Meaning of Christmas and other terrible teen titans go christmas specials. You will see how they made Santa a villain and insulted christmas in the show. Also, here are 2 ways they made santa a villain and insulted christmas.

1. They destroyed Santa's toy factory.

l I know I already mentioned this, but it's true. The Titans destroyed Santa's toy factory in one of their terrible Christmas specials just because they never got presents. PRESENTS! Christmas is not about getting presents you know, it's about being together. It's also about giving, not getting.

2. Their Christmas Moral is terrible

Their " Christmas moral" is:                                                                              "Don't give anybody presents and instead keep it all for yourself."          That's a terrible moral,  because that's not what Christmas is about, Christmas is about getting together and giving. Not getting presents.

9. It is inappropriate

Where do I even start? First of all, the boys always shake their butts up and down, left and right to impress Starfire and Raven. And in Leg Day, the titans start kissing and licking their legs! Should 6 to 9 year olds be watching this?! I didn't think so ethier. Second of all, A HUGE REASON, is that its extremely violent. Robin is always beating up his TEAMMATES ( such as punching them in the face, poking their eyeballs out, and whacking them in the head with his stupid STAFF.) And get this! The creators made the titans do this to be HUMOROUS. That is not funny! Its inappropriate! Lastly, its sexist and racist. Who cares about guys and girls being better than one another!? And yet kids that aren't even in their double digits are watching this! Also, one of the characters (cyborg) has said 2 bad words ( the a word and the s word)  in 2 episodes here's proof:

10. Teaches kids to become brats and throw tantrums

Also, don't forget that it teaches kids to be dumb and lazy as well. There was that episode that said that books were evil, And that one that said if you're smart nobody will like you because you'll be a downer. Seriously? What is this show trying to do? Not to mention the episode where the couch spirit spoke to Robin and told him to relax/be lazy. Oh, I almost forgot, do you guys remember the episode where it emphasized that T.V. was good? And without it, your brain would rot? There was also another episode that said that hobbies were bad. Beast Boy took up gardening and a tree grew out of his mind because his brain was trying to escape? Wow. This show also beats up bad guys that are trying to do something good 'cause they want to change. I'm all for deserved justice. But in quite a few episodes, a bad guy decides to change, then they all violently beat him up. Worst moral ever.

And here are 10 reasons why the powerpuff girls 2016 reboot sucks.

1. They animated little girls twerking

It's true, in one of the episodes, blossom and bubbles were twerking with a big panda while buttercup just stood  there and didn't do anything to stop them, infact all she did was watched them and said "ugh, gross". here's proof: . Disgusting, isn't it?   Apparently little girls twerking is okay, but smart woman that so happens to have big breast is not?   Why would they do this? Why would they remove Miss Bellum for being "too innapropriate" which is not even a good reason. And yet they do this? This is very disturbing and disgusting ��.

2. The animation is poorly done and terrible 

You would expect since it's newer it would have better animation. WRONG! Same thing with teen titans go as both shows have terrible animation. Here are 3 problems with their animation:

1. Too bright. The animation of both shows are so bright that it will hurt your eyes if you look at it for just 10 seconds.

2. Too colorful. The animation of both shows use way too much color.

And 3. Looks too cheap. The animation of both shows look so cheap. That must explain why it's terrible.

3. Creator, Craig McCracken didn't want Powerpuff Girls to get a reboot

That's right, creator of The PowerPuff Girls, didn't want the show to get a reboot, but the manager of Cartoon Network ignored him.                                                                                    

Want to know why she ignored him?  

Well, all she is interested in is money and ruining our childhoods. When Craig left the original for Fosters, Ppg started to suck, so according to my conspiracy theory she thought "OK guys the reboot will suck without him anyway. So let's just make it as bad as possible". Ignorant git.

The moral of this is even if your reboot will end up being terrible at least ask the creator of the original show if they want a reboot.

4. They over use outdated memes for humor and dialogue to make stuff seem hip and cool.

The manager of Cartoon Network thinks we are going to laugh at the show's unfunny and uncool stuff. Wrong. I did not laugh at one single thing about this show. No one thinks this show is funny. Besides, who's even going to laugh at 5-10 year old memes? No one. The moral of this is if you're gonna use memes in a show, dont use memes from 5 - 10 years ago. But wait, aren't memes so 2012?

5. Destroyed Reputation of Original Powerpuff Girls and Powerpuff Girls Z

They were both good, but the reboot, no. What this is missing is the spirit that it once had, and the epic battles, references used to make it look cooler, but now it's just kid restricted, which is stupid. The reboot has just ruined all the spirit that made the original PowerPuff Girls and its anime counterpart (PowerPuff Girls Z) special.

6. The music in the show is very bad

The theme song is very awful and childish. The ending song also sounds very awful and childish, it sounds like an ending for a nick jr show. The girls actually rapped a terrible song in this show, so bad it will make your ears not only hurt, but bleed as well, literally. The original had better music, the theme song sounded more heroic, the ending was awesome, the song Love Makes The World Go Round was very special because it was about love and how it made the world go round.

7. The new Powerpuff Girls are completely out of character compared to their originals

Blossom is too neat, bossy, and nagging. Bubbles is too bratty, spoiled, and whiny, and Buttercup is too weird, disgusting, and mean. They're also extremely annoying as well.

8. The Powerpuff Girls are not portrayed as the heroes they are supposed to be

I guess when you want characters you like to do more cool and entertaining stuff, you'll forget what the show is supposedly about, and start slacking off and/or ditching rather than fighting crime. Wow, what an inconvenience! Especially when the original PowerPuff Girls and its anime counterpart (PowerPuff Girls Z) were about fighting crime. 

9. We don't see enough of the villains

The villains were one of the best parts of the show. The new villains are completely lame and boring, and awful.
Manboy: A short “man” who grows hair
Pack Rat: A rat-like villain who has weak ideas and steals only shiny stuff.
Bianca & Her Hairy Gorilla Friend: Lame fashion villains who only care about fashion.
When Mojo Jojo came in, he turned out to be the exact opposite than the original

And now the biggest reason of all.


Powerpuff Girls 2016 is more like a sidekick to teen titans go. PPG is like Anakin Skywalker just joined the Dark Side (teen titans go)  and The Riddler (powerpuff girls 2016 reboot) and The Joker (teen titans go) joined forces. Both shows hold a reputation for the worst reboots ever. Both shows are terrible and baby-ish. Which makes both shows my 2 most hated shows on cartoon network ever in history.

And now that i have given 10 reasons why both shows are the worst. Here's where I need your help, I have a way to get both shows canclled and here's how: 

1. Sign this petition to cancel teen titans go and powerpuff girls 2016 reboot by clicking the sign button, and say why you are signing this petition (saying why you are signing this petition is an optional choice).  

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                                     Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                  SaxonPezzollaVGCP