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Bring 'Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall' Back Online!

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On January 14, 2009, Cartoon Network launched their biggest game to ever be played by their television network audience. It became an immediate hit before that time, as the concept of all players being able to play in a virtual world alongside all of their favorite Cartoon Network characters, both old and new, as well as with other players, was simply such a brilliant concept. Shows like 'Dexter's Laboratory,' 'Ed, Edd n Eddy,' 'The Powerpuff Girls,' 'Ben 10,' 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,' and many others were featured in the game. FusionFall accrued a 7+ million-member playerbase within months after its release. It caught the eyes of both young children and adults. Not only this, but the game was the very first major MMO to be launched utilizing the Unity webplayer, which made it possible for both PC and Mac users to play the game.

FusionFall's players were presented with a series of 500+ missions that upon completion of each individual quest, they'd be one step closer to repossessing what belonged to themselves and their favorite Cartoon Network characters; the Cartoon Network Universe. The world itself was in grave danger of being absorbed by an alien planet under the elite command of Lord Fuse. Before the 'New Beginning' update which debuted on February 16, 2011, any player that registered to play the game had volunteered themselves to be a test subject in a time-travel-based experiment that Dexter conducted; but the plan had gone somewhat awry when Dee Dee's curiosity got the best of her and she had pressed a button, which sent the player deeper into the future than Dexter's original intent. The player was then sent to a world that was so unrecognizable due to its state of being under the very destructive invasion previously mentioned. The player had then travelled the Future world gathering pieces of the destroyed time machine and taking care of other related business so that Mandark and Numbuh two could reconstruct the Time Machine and send the player back to the past to warn everyone of the impending doom, hence the creation of the new Training Academy, consisting of the Null Void, Providence Headquarters, and Mt. Neverest. Any player registering after February 16, 2011 underwent training here and then was sent to the main world to protect the world from being absorbed into the humongous Planet Fusion.
FusionFall let its players' imaginations run wild. There were thousands of collectible items that could be obtained for the player to customize up to four individual characters that could be played on a single account. Plus, the concept of Nanos blew everyone's minds away. These Nanos were miniature sized versions of the worlds heroes and villains that would be used by the players against Fuse's forces in combat.

FusionFall's 'golden' year was 2009, the year that it launched. So many great updates to the game were being put out at least every three weeks by Cartoon Network and, their partner in development, Grigon Entertainment to make the players experience that much better. Things started going downhill in late 2009, as Grigon Entertainment had gone bankrupt and out of business, leaving the Cartoon Network game development team to continue work on the game on their own. Only minor updates were put out after the game went Free to Play on April 19, 2010; not to mention the fact that they became less frequent as the year went on, with the slight exception of their promotion for "Weekly Code Items."

Then, significant updates hit again after a two month non-updating hiatus. As previously mentioned, Cartoon Network launched the 'New Beginning' update, adding a foundation for more Nanos to be added in the future. Other 'perks' of the update were, of course, new areas forming the Training Academy, glitchy dashing/gliding movements, and a new leveling system that not very many veteran FusionFall players came to appreciate... Cartoon Network had managed to make a 'big' update seem 'bigger' than what it actually was, and players realized it very soon after. The game became far more glitchier, as new Nanos were very poorly animated/modeled, and they were assigned faulty or no sound effects. Plus, the in-game chat system's filters worked very poorly and allowed for cursing. Hacking the game became very easy for more technically inclined players. It was very clear that Cartoon Network had become very lazy with their further development onto the game and were completely oblivious to how bad situations were as far as in-game interaction between players... or, the lack of for those that weren't breaking any of the games terms. Certain players had found a way, utilizing the program "Cheat Engine," to spam hack the chat system, causing the shards that operated in-game communications to crash, leaving all players without a voice to their friends.

FusionFall's last official update was on October 19, 2011. The situation with hacking and foul language, when the chat system was on for short periods of time, had gotten worse. Cartoon Network didn't make a single effort to fix either of these problems, let alone the fact that the game was seriously becoming nothing but a walk-around simulator since players couldn't interact with each other or Cartoon Network characters, considering hackers eventually gained control of making those disappear, too. The game simply became impossible to beat...

... and what was Cartoon Network's answer to the problem? Well, shutting it down of course!

They made no effort to moderate the foul behavior. They made no effort to fix anything. Instead, they let this amazing game rot. They crushed players' dreams. They terminated the only means of communication players had with each other. Friends were lost without warning. They terminated a product with so much potential to make themselves roll in riches, whether it be money, or global recognition.
They gave one week of advanced notice and that was it. Their idea for a final event was to level everyone up to level 36 and give them unlimited Taro (in-game currency) funds.

Cartoon Network is in no place to be making their fans unhappy at this day and age. Join the F.M.H.Q. team and your fellow FusionFall players in taking a stand against their poor decision to close this game without giving valid explanation for it.

FusionFall became more than just a game. It formed a community of great people inspired by the creativity FusionFall possessed. Its fans do not deserve to be treated like garbage after the support and dedication they've given the title.

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