Bring anime to India! We're tierd of the current cartoons being telecasted on the TV!

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Its been years since we've had a proper anime release in India. Even Dragon Ball Super episodes come at like 11:00 PM and those too arent in Hindi. Just the plain old english dub. I remember how Beyblade got a lot of attention and kids everywhere were bey-battling. But all that has changed. Now we have shows which can't even compete with any anime.


This statement is especially for Cartoon Network India. If you keep repeating the episodes then you are gonna lose viewers. Also keep up with the trend. If you show anime which are outdated and have been seen by everyone then who would waste their time watching the same thing over and over again.


I am not saying that airing shows made in India is bad. Its just that they literally dont make any sense. If you want to air home made shows, then that's fine but atleast they should be sensible and which attract viewers and which does not make a person wanna create a petition to get anime in India.

For these reasons I say to all Indian anime fans to sign this petition. Thank you!