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Carte Blanche, Please investigate the unfair euthanising of animals at SPCA centres

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The completely unfair euthanising of 'Blackie' a well known, and well loved feral cat on Durban beachfront has brought to light that this unnecessary euthanising of a healthy animal at the SPCA is far from an isolated incident.

Blackie had an inverted paw from a previous radial nerve injury to his leg a few years ago. Despite his disability Blackie lived happily on the beachfront with his 2 brothers under the care of Neil his devoted feeder and carer. Feral cat feeders make sure that the beachfront cats are fed every day and fresh water is left for them.

Up to Blackie's disappearance he was seen to walk up and down the beach and jump up onto benches to be fed. Anyone who spent anytime with Blackie could see he was happy and well. Many people have confirmed this on the Feral Cat Rescue Trust, Durban Facebook page.

Feral Cat Rescue Trust says that they spoke to Alfred, an SPCA officer who claimed he had come to inspect a cat with a broken leg.
Feral Cat Rescue Trust explained Blackie's situation but were still given a warning to present a medical report for Blackie to the SPCA within 24 hours. A positive report of health from Dr Kerry Easson of Riverside Vets in Durban was sent directly to the SPCA.

3 days later, Blackie was missing from the beachfront. Feral Cat Rescue Trust contacted the SPCA to enquire whether they had a cat of Blackie's description but was told the SPCA didn't.

Blackie was still missing after a frantic search of vets surgeries in Durban.

6 days after Alfred from the SPCA came to check on Blackie at the beachfront, the SPCA rang the Feral Cat Rescue Trust and confirmed in fact they had euthanised a black cat with an inverted paw. They had found him to be dehydrated and emaciated.

Clearly something is off here. The SPCA asked for a clean bill of health to be sent to them which the received, yet they still euthanised a healthy cat. Many people on the Feral Cat Rescue Trust's Facebook page have told similar stories of their pet cats being picked up by the SPCA and euthanised for being 'dehydrated'. Whilst the Feral Cat Rescue Trust was trying to find out what had happened to Blackie, the SPCA outright lied about it.

We know Blackie was well fed and had water available to him. We want to get to the bottom of how this happened and prevent it happening to other healthy feral and pet cats.

Please sign this petition to raise awareness and ask the South African TV programme Carte Blanche to investigate into the unnecessary euthanising of heathy animals at the SPCA.

Lastly, Sleep well Blackie. From all of us who knew and loved you. And our thoughts are with all your feeders as we know you will all be heartbroken xxx




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