Save 3,800 cows facing starvation in a livestock carrier in Cartagena

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On Saturday 24 August, I was contacted by a woman who was distressed about the future of 3,800 cattle currently in transit from Brazil to Turkey via boat (Julia AK). The boat is due to arrive in the port of Cartagena on Monday 25 August to load food (fodder) and water for the cattle. Cartagena marks the approximate half-way point of the animals journey, and is crucial to the survival of the cattle. While more fodder has been ordered and paid for by the transit company, a court order from the Port Authority of Cartagena is currently stopping the boat from entering Spanish waters. If the cattle do not access to food and water in Cartagena tomorrow, they will certainly die.The source of this complaint is a woman who works for the transportation company arranging the animal's journey. She found my details online, and because I run an animal rescue centre, she decided to reach out and see if I could help. She believes the court issue will be resolved within a few days, however, the cattle cannot wait that long to eat. Many are juvenile animals and all are quite light-weight. To add complication to the issue, the fodder the animals need is only available in Spain, and is always purchased from Spain when transporting Brazilian cattle.

This story, and the plight of these cattle, is even more timely considering the fires currently burning in the Brazilian Amazon. The cattle sector is responsible for about 80% of deforestation in the Amazon, with the Brazilian Amazon having the highest rate of deforestation in the world. For these Amazon to be cleared for these animals, who have then endured days at sea in cramped and inhumane conditions, only to die of starvation before reaching their final destination, is saddening, sickening and a complete and utter waste of environmental resources.

We urge all of you to please sign and share to help resolve this matter and pressure the authorities to allow the food onto this boat tomorrow.

Sue Weeding,

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre co-founder

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