September 3, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jayme Ruby

Smart meters are HAZARDS to our bodies and the environment! Get educated and take control of your health!

Carroll White REMC refuses to offer an opt out from their smart meters like other utility companies have. They are putting all members in danger from the harmful effects and it is unlawful. Unfortunately with utility companies it is a monopoly so they think they can do what they want and if we allow them to do so then it will never change.

A brief summary of the hazards from smart meters...

It is common knowledge and fully supported by evidence, peer reviewed and published research, science and facts that “Advanced” utility meters including all electronic utility meters and all utility meters which contain any digital or electronic components whatsoever:

1. Are fire hazards due to lack of surge protectors in violation of necessary standards for utility meters.

2. Cannot withstand typical grid surges.

3. Cause damage to, or destroy, homes, lives and structures when damaged by grid surges.

4. Emit biologically harmful “pulsed” EMF radiation continually (whether transmitting data or not).

5. Create and collects personal data of private activities in the home in violation of law.

6. Allow sharing of data of personal living habits with utility personnel and others without authorization of the property owner and occupants.

7. Fatally disrupt and disables medical devices such as Pacemakers.

8. Cause wasted electricity and health-damaging transients by the improper placement and use of a of a switch mode power supply within the utility meter.

9. Cause heating and antenna effects upon any metal body implants which damage body tissues.

10. Cause damage to health and life by placing high-energy radio transmitters in close proximity to human living spaces.

11. Represent excess equipment costs with more expensive meters and represent more frequent replacement of the more expensive meters, all of which costs will be passed on to ratepayers via excess and unnecessary charges when this alternate “advanced” metering is unnecessary.

12. Represent unnecessary higher service costs in the processing and storing of data collected and general maintenance of the wireless grid network.

13. Represent unlawful invasion of privacy by the harvest and exploitation of databases of information about the personal and private activities inside the home without the consent of the owners, occupants and guests (4th Am. BOR).




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Signatures: 21Next Goal: 25
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