Petition Closed

Outdoor School is a unique cross-curricular opportunity for every public school student in Carroll County, Maryland to experience. This is possibly the one and only chance most of our kids will have to go out into nature and get firsthand interaction with our environment. Outdoor School is also a chance for our students to receive a one-of-a-kind social education, forcing them to learn to provide for themselves and their peers. Let's join together to help save Outdoor School for our children!

Letter to
Carroll County Board of Education & County Commissioners
To those making the decision of how much money to spend on education, we ask that you listen to the people you represent. The people of Carroll County take pride in our children and want the very best for them. We want our school system to be fully funded. Superintendent Guthrie has been trusted with the task of developing a budget that will adequately fund our schools; please trust him.

To those who make the decision of how to spend money on education, we ask that you please reconsider your decision to even consider closing Outdoor School at Camp Hashawha. We the parents, former students, educators and citizens of Carroll County strongly believe in the experiences our children gain in being able to attend Outdoor School as a 6th grade student in Carroll County. We have bragged to our neighbors in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Baltimore County when explaining the wondrous details of this unique experience. We have rejoiced in seeing the smiles on our children's faces when they return home and hear the tales of Night Hikes, Owl Prowl and the Survivor Game. Everyone knows that money is tight, but there is no price tag that can put on this experience. Please save our Outdoor School.