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Replace Karen Jennings as Supervisor at the Jefferson City MO Animal Shelter

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My name was Duke.  The Jefferson City Animal Shelter killed me.  I had a home.  I had a family looking for me.

On Sunday, 06/04/17, there was a storm and the thunder/lightening scared me so badly.  I was outside and took off running as fast as I could.  I was shaking and soaking wet from the rain when I found myself in a lady’s yard and she kindly took me into her garage and gave me soft bedding to spend the night on.  I didn’t make a sound all night.  I was so happy to be safe.

The next day the lady took me to the Jefferson City Animal Shelter where the people there promised her that they would find my family and if not, they would let me be adopted by a new family.  They locked me up in a cage from Monday, June 5th until the following Tuesday, June 13th.  My family called to see if I was there but they were told there were no dogs matching my description.  My family checked the Shelter's Facebook page every day for my photo but it was never posted.  Why not? I WAS THERE!  And then they killed me. 

Why did they kill me?  I was in good health for a 13 year old dog.  They said I was deaf and yes, my hearing was starting to fail but that's normal for a dog of 13!  They said I was howling in my kennel but I was scared in there, locked up and without my family.  My dad adopted me when I was just a puppy and I lived my whole life with him.  I wanted to be with him!  I kept trying to tell those people at that shelter but they didn’t understand.  They didn’t TRY to understand.    

********Routinely, situations like this at the Jefferson City Animal Shelter are made known and routinely, people are up in arms about how their tax dollars are being mis-used.  There is a serious lack of transparency at the shelter, citizen complaints are ignored, and no changes are ever made to resolve the issues brought to the attention of City Administration. It's time the people who support the shelter with their tax dollars have a voice.  

Because lengthy tenure of animal shelter staff can be detrimental to their mental health, we, the signers of this petition, respectfully request that the Shelter Supervisor, Karen Jennings, be repositioned IMMEDIATELY with no future shelter contact, and that her position be filled with a new and qualified Supervisor with experience in animal welfare; and that the long term employees at the shelter be repositioned as well due to the same mental health concern.  Jefferson City has had a black mark on its shelter reputation that has been ignored for too long.  It’s time for change!

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