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Stop pets from being exposed to extreme weather conditions

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In the state, people are not concerned nor does it seem they care about the welfare of animals. The temperature can drop below freezing and many outdoor pets will freeze to death being left outside with no insulated shelters to go to, or even being forgotten after a potty break.  I am working to put a stop to animals being left outside during the harsh winter temperatures and the extreme heat in the summer. There is so many dogs chained up or in a very small cage outside and just because they have a dog house or tarp over the top of the cage people think they are ok.

There are only nine states that have anti-cruelty provisions addressing pets during the winter conditions, and some even are lacking the basic legislation for pets in both sets of extreme weather. I am working to bring awareness to the state of Kentucky and hopefully pass the same law as Illinois has passed where the owners can be punished with a class A misdemeanor, $2500.00 fire or up to one year in jail for animal neglect. Please help me pass this bill and keep our pets safe from the harsh weather conditions.