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End your wrongful collections against my family.

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The Social Security Administration says I owe them almost $17,000 dollars in overpay in child support that involved my mother and father when I was a child - all because my social security number was used in the child support case. As a veteran, mother, and wife to a husband still serving, I will not take this laying down. They already seized a much needed tax return and are going for the rest. I never saw the money they are talking about, I was a minor, and I will not let them take the money we have sacrificed so much to earn. Please stand with me and my family in telling the Social Security Administration to drop their case and return the money they have wrongly collected.

It all started after my parents divorce. My father who had been ill, had to have Social Security pay my mother the child support. Eventually my father was able to return to work at which time the Social Security payments should have stopped. They didn’t. There is a lot of contention of what happened at this point, but what matters from where I stand is I was never involved. I was a minor, all of this money was paid to my mother as child support, and I never had a dollar of it placed in any bank account under my name.

Now it’s late February 2014, and we are expecting our second child to arive in March. I have no idea what transpired between my parents years earlier. We file our taxes, looking forward to the almost $6,000 refund, especially with a child on it’s way. When we didn’t receive the refund is when I first discovered the situation of the child support overpayment. Despite being once in the military and now married to someone in the military, and always paying my taxes, the Social Administration say they couldn’t track a current address. It took the collection of our tax refund to discover they we going after my family for almost $17,000 dollars. 

Despite both my parents still being alive, they have decided to come after me since my social security number was on the paperwork for the child support. It is normal for the child involved to have their information on the record. What is not normal, what is an injustice, is to go after the child.

I have tried to work through the system and still have not been provided the proof I should be the one paying this money back. I have not been provided the requested documentation of how this debt is supposidly mine, as well as documentation on how the debt even incurred. We hit road block after road block with the constant push back from the attendants at the SSA. It is now to the point where I am either hung up on as soon as they recieve the information on who is on the phone line, or they will not open up my file, and instead go straight to collection efforts. I have been treated like a criminal, as if I caused the debt. I never signed a check, had money deposited into a bank account in my name, nor had anything to do with the decisions my parents made on my behalf. I was a minor. 

As a military family you are always prepared for the unexpected, but I was never prepared to have to fight my own government. Our life is stressful enough without having to fight to keep the money rightfully ours. With your support I know we can get the Social Security Administration to do what is right - drop this collection effort and return our tax return and stop this unjust practice. Please sign and share our petition today. Your signature could end this nightmare.

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