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Carolyn Stefanco and the Administration: Rescind or Resign

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We, the students, parents, alumni of the College of Saint Rose and our supporters ask Carolyn Stefanco and the College of Saint Rose Administration to rescind the decision to cut 23 faculty members and 28 undergraduate and graduate programs or immediately resign from their positions at the College of Saint Rose. We believe that they have not been representatives of the Saint Rose mission, and the decisions that they have made reflect that. We believe that Stefanco and her administration have kept students and the community in the dark, and failed to provide honest, open dialogue about this program prioritization process. The foundation of Saint Rose is its dedication to the liberal arts, shared governance, and transparency with the faculty, students, parents, prospective students, and alumni. We have carefully followed the course of action of Carolyn Stefanco and the current administration, and we do not see these decisions reflecting the Saint Rose Difference. They have never been at the forefront of our education. They have not carefully considered the impact of their actions on the lives and personal well-being of the faculty members and students of the College of Saint Rose.

Saint Rose professors have stated that Carolyn Stefanco and the administration have not recognized that the faculty have dedicated their lives to the mission of the College that they once called their workplace and their home. They have not shared the experience that the faculty have of honing their teaching and scholarship at this institution. They have not put into consideration that teaching is a real vocation, and that it is next to impossible to find a full time job of the caliber of a full time teaching position at this College. Saint Rose professors have also stated that for years, until very recently, there was a commitment to shared governance, meaning the institution is not a corporation and its purpose is to put education first. The Board of Trustees and President play the role of safeguarding the financial security of the institution, whereas intellectual, academic decision making should be in the hands of the faculty. Based on these parameters within the governance document, the faculty are are the ones with the expertise to talk about which programs and courses ought to be cut or diminished. What has deteriorated dramatically over the past year and several months is the recognition and following of that governance document.

The Saint Rose community and its supporters believe that Carolyn Stefanco and her administration have not recognized that the faculty and the education they provide ARE the college, and without them, we are not a college. They have not considered the magnitude of the impact their decisions have had on the students, faculty, alumni, and community at the College of Saint Rose and how many lives have been shattered.

We wish to express that we do not support the cuts that have been imposed and have a vote of no-confidence for Carolyn Stefanco and the decision making administration and trustees. We demand the cuts to faculty and programs be rescinded with open and transparent communication regarding future decisions with the campus community provided henceforth. If these individuals refuse to meet these basic demands and restore democracy and integrity at Saint Rose, we ask that they resign from their positions immediately.

Please refer to this blog for anonymous, faculty stories about the Administrative Tactics and Cuts here at the College of Saint Rose:

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