Restore Kelowna Accord = Good housing, clean water, healthcare, education for Aboriginals.

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     Restore and revise the Kelowna Accord (2005), which will initiate good housing with clean water, healthcare, education, and rebuild proper community infrastructure for Aboriginals across Canada.

     This Accord promised five billion dollars to indigenous peoples across Canada, for the purpose of solving the problems listed in the first paragraph. Unfortunately, it was scrapped by the Conservative Party in 2006.

     I care because I have read recent newspaper stories in the Toronto Star of some young indigenous youth who are creating suicide pacts, some as young as ten years old, due to being marginalized. This petition requires your urgent attention, which is your signature. Access to proper housing with clean drinking water is a basic human right, but this is not possible on many native reserves. The 'resurrection' of the Kelowna Accord is a viable solution to this problem.

     The Liberal Party of Canada has the federal funding and resources and has the ability to make the change, under the leadership of the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs--The Honourable Doctor Carolyn Bennett. If we win and the Kelowna Accord is reinstated, the quality of life of and socioeconomic status of the indigenous peoples of Canada will be greatly improved. If we lose, then the status quo will perpetuate itself and we will continue to observe more tragedies occurring such as suicides and marginalization at the present and into the future.

     We would not like such situations happening to our own families and loved ones. Therefore, it is only fair that Aboriginals are treated equally.