Sign Petition to Move USC Fall 2020 Classes from In-Person to Online

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I want to remind everyone that economic reopening of the country is happening because people are losing money, not because it is safe to go back to our pre-pandemic lives. COVID-19 will continue to kill people; thus, lockdown will end when there is a vaccine.

Carol Folt has decided to make Fall 2020 classes in-person instead of making them online. USC is making in-person classes because the school does not want to lose money on tuition, dorms, and dining halls. We all know that if the school moves classes online, the school will feel the student's pressure to lower tuition costs.

Unfortunately, the school's administration forgets that USC is a nonprofit, not a for-profit university. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff are not guinea pigs for the school's experiment to find the optimal point between tweaking two variables: USC's financial interests and the Trojan Family's health. I have been a student at USC since Fall 2014 and I am certain it is impossible to physically distance the huge amount of people in our campus.

It seems there is only two feasible solutions to this situation: option 1) zoom classes with a lower tuition price, option 2) leave of absence. Health is more important than money.

Please sign this petition to make Fall 2020 completely online and lower tuition because the school will not spend money on electricity, water, and other services. It sucks to be part of a experiment when your health is at risk.