Carmen Ortiz, Stephen Heymann: Resign Your Posts as US Attorney for causing deaths of Aaron Swartz and Jonathan James

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Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann

You used the Internet as a weapon.  You posted Charges against Aaron Swartz in a Press Release on the Internet years prior to his planned adjudication:
Because the Internet cannot be erased, your public announcement is tantamount to condemnation and prejudice sufficient to ruin Aaron's life regardless of judicial outcome.  Because the Press Release constitutes no judicial process, it can be interpreted as a punitive and vindictive act by the US Attorney's office whose job cannot be to exact punishment nor deal a death blow.

Searching and seizing Aaron's property without warrant
was retribution enough.  

Now you have two similarly induced suicides in your portfolio:

Your actions were immoral and reprehensible.
Resign your posts.

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    Carmen Ortiz
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    Stephen Heymann

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